This is a cross-post from my blog, Wisermom.org (which I rarely update, but I was compelled to do in honor of the movie Bully opening tomorrow).   There's a new movie out and it's called Bully.It's tag line is "It's time to take a stand." Well, my stand it this: Please, if you can help it, do not let your kids see this movie without you.  ...more

Babies of 2009 born to a baby of 1969

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39 years old, pregnant with twins, contractions at 25 weeks. Exciting, no?

I'm 39 years old and 25 weeks pregnant with twin boys after IVF. My medical team tells me, "You're pregnant with twins, get used to the Emergency Room."  I find this no comfort at all, but in the space of 10 days I was there twice. This story is about my brush with preterm labor (which mercifully was NOT preterm labor) and a couple of near-serious f*$k-ups that happened, even with what I consider to be top medical care. Cross posted from my blog, Wisermom.org. *** ...more

My post-infertility over-35 Baby Shower