Last Weekend in Miami

FRIDAY When I got home from work on Friday, Vishnu was watching TV, so I decided to relax and read for a few minutes. More on my newest book to come soon! Then came figuring out what to eat for dinner ....more

5 Ways I've Learned to Make Time

Almost three months ago, I wrote a post about shifting my language from “I don’t have time” to “I don’t make time.”...more
Michele@liferedesign Thanks!  That's a great question to ask yourself first thing.  I may try ...more

Essentialism + The Way of an Essentialist

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown was one of those books that kept coming back to me in different ways. I first heard about it from my friend Shannon. A few weeks later, it was mentioned in a work-related training ....more

Three Things Thursday (13)

I don’t have an introduction for today’s post. I guess I’m still tired from the weekend and have a lot on my mind in terms of our move, so let’s get right to my Three Things Thursday.1. The state of our apartment ...more

Wedding Weekend in Detroit

Wedding weekends are so much fun – beautiful outfits, great food, lots of dancing, and all of your best friends in one place....more

The Bazaar by Jose Andres

One thing (of many) that I love about my in-laws is that they are always up for an adventure, especially when it comes to food. So when they were in town for Vishnu’s graduation, it was one of our goals to take them to unique restaurants they may not try on their own. That goal coupled with our desire to try The Bazaar by Jose Andres, pushed us to make reservations for Saturday night ....more

Three Things Thursday (12)

You guys, Vishnu and I are moving in two weeks and two days! Tell me why our apartment looks like we plan to live there forever. Maybe because I feel super confident that we can knock out all the packing in a few days ....more

Ruchi’s Work-Life Balance

Today we have another guest post from Ruchi that is all about how she balances (or tries her hardest to) her life as a wife, a daughter-in-law, the Head of HR for the family company, and the owner of her own company – Pink by Ruchi....more

A Celebratory Weekend

This was a huge celebratory weekend for our family!...more

Do Not Forget Your Parents

Growing up, my mom would always sing a special song in Gujarati about not forgetting your parents....more