Sweet Korean BBQ Beef

This is my very sweet, very puffy faced 7-year-old son. A few weeks ago, I learned something new about Jones Child #5....he is highly allergic to kitty cats. After loving on a friend's cat, he looked like this for days. He was so miserable and barely half conscious from the amounts of children's allergy medication he had to take....more

Bagel Bites & $100 Visa Giveaway!

Are your kids big eaters? I have a couple friends whose children eat so little that when they are at my house, I feel a bit out of my element. You see, I'm the Mom with all the good food. You come to Casa Jones and you know there will be great food, and large quantities of it. ...more

Basil and Balsamic Italian Chicken

Now that we are all back into the swing of the school year schedule at Casa Jones, I'm reminded of why I struggle so much with those dreaded hours from the time my kiddos walk in the back door until we are all sitting down at the table for dinner. It is nothing short of complete chaos!...more

Oreo Layer Cake

Debbie from Made From Pinterest is back guest posting today and I think she has seen deep into my soul with this amazing dessert! ...more

Spaghetti with Meat Marinara

I am so excited about our new Tuesday series Kids in the Kitchen! As a momma to six kiddos, I am excited to share with you my tips, recipes and anecdotes related to bringing out every kid's culinary potential. Some of my most FAQs over the past six years have revolved around how I have gotten my kids to actively participate in the kitchen, especially once those teenage years hit! ...more

Super Saturday Link Party

Hey, friends! Thanks so much for stopping by. We're really excited to see the projects you've been working on ....more

Kale Chips

With this post, I know many of my regular readers will probably think they've somehow clicked onto the wrong blog because though I have always had a great balance between healthy and indulgent recipes, this one might just take me over the edge a bit in your mind. ...more

Woohoo! Welcome to

Woohoo! Welcome to the party, everyone! We're excited to see what you've been working on ....more

Monkey-Bread Muffins

As we quickly come to the end of another busy school year, my calendar is packed with all of the end-of-the-year concerts, activities, parties and field trips. ...more

Link Party Round Up

Have we told you yet how much we love Super Saturdays? You blow us away every weekend with the creative projects and dishes you come up with. Thanks so much for taking the time to link up and for sharing your talents with us! ...more