"You're doing it wrong" and other encouraging words.

Because I became pregnant, I thought that meant I now knew everything. I read everything possible about being pregnant. And now I research postpartum and infant things. Somehow I became an all-knowing advice giver. Why does that happen? I noticed when I was pregnant, other moms felt it acceptable to throw advice at you like it was their duty to pass this information on. And now I've become "that mom" as well. "When you're baby has the hiccups: put them over you're left knee, pat their back twice, rub their right side and say pineapple three times". Does this actually work? No....more

The Art of Juggling

When I found out I was pregnant, it was overwhelming. I've always been the nurturing type but I was so set in my ways that the thought of being responsible for someone else terrified me. Fast forward ten months and I realize I was right. Raising a child IS overwhelming. I'm sitting in the living room with my baby boy wrapped in my arms, (okay one arm because I am typing this) and there are clothes still in the washer from yesterday. Dishes in the sink from last night....more