If You've Ever Traveled with Kids, You Know Why We Look Like This Today

We have a 9-passenger Suburban, fully loaded for a 10-day road trip. There is not much extra space. The least lucky child is the one who has to sit in the third row, directly behind the driver. It is like an obstacle course to get into that spot. It is cramped and never the right temp, and there's usually tears and a fist fight over who has to sit there. Today the 6-year-old sat there. She had the most coveted spot the day before, between the driver and front seat passenger, so today is her day in the back. I am happily barreling down the highway, while the kids play with their electronic devices, read, and listen to music -- all completely happy. Then I hear the WORST possible sentence scream from the middle row....more
all I can say is we travel with a empty animal cracker container (you know the giant ones with ...more