The Aisle: An Olympic Sport?

What comes with having three 20-something girls, each with their own large circle of girlfriends, is the realization that no news travels faster, spreads wider and cuts like a light saber through general conversation than Guess who is getting married?!...more

Reflections at 46

Reflections at 46 This is me. Those silver highlights running through my hair are from endless grocery store runs, dinner on the table every night, science projects, Halloween costumes and birthday parties fit for a king. Those lines on my forehead are from late night fevers, broken bones (some unnoticed for a day or two), stitches, college decisions, and the constant question: Am I doing this right? ...more
 @victorias_view Thank you! I had a fabulous day. Ready for another fabulous year!more

Stand tall

Nne Ekeogbede via Pinterest...more
And what a wonderful way to combine both (blog and training). I for one will be very interested ...more

Spring Cleaning for the Soul

If you are not sneezing with tissues in hand and flying high from a Claritin D buzz, then maybe you are considering a couple of Spring cleaning projects for your home. (The "D" must stand for "Damn, I'm high.") ...more
Yeah x 3! And ooh ooh, I LOVE the opening of the closet doors a la Marlena Dietrich, it makes a ...more