Tasty Tuesday – Red Wine Sangria

Right before we moved out of state, a good friend invited us over for an amazing Spanish-inspired dinner. He loves to cook and outdid himself this night serving tapas with chorizo, Serrano ham, Manchego cheese, olives and a huge pot of Paella.I happened to mention to him that I wasn't a fan of Sangria and he was shocked! He said he had the best Sangria recipe and he would make a batch just for me.A couple days later he dropped by our house with a large bottle of his special home brew and insisted I try it....more

Mother's Day at the Spa

My husband, God love him, is a wonderful partner, friend, and father, but he is the WORST gift-giver. I haven't had a birthday present from him in years, unless I bought it for myself. Two years ago he bought me a vacuum cleaner for Christmas, and he STILL doesn't understand why that was a bad gift. I think he has pretty much given up trying. He used to buy me perfume, flowers, gift certificates to the spa. Now I'm lucky to get him to buy milk on the way home from work....more