How to Ice a Cake – Ombre Cake

The ombre cake still seems to be riding a bit of a high after all these years (all, like 3 of them). But why shouldn’t it? Whether you make the ombre cake as a colorful cake or the ombre is in the icing, it still makes for a really pretty cake ....more

Thai Iced Coffee

How about an easy Thai iced coffee recipe to cool you off? This iced coffee starts with cold brew coffee and adds just a touch of creamy sweetness to make things even more delicious. You won’t believe how easy it is to make delicious Thai iced coffee at home ....more

Easy Artichoke Spinach Dip Recipe

Throwing a party? This easy artichoke dip recipe definitely needs to be on your menu. Artichoke spinach dip pairs so well with vegetables or crackers it kind of doesn’t matter which you choose to serve it with (who doesn’t want one less decision to make) ....more

Strawberry Margarita for Cinco de Mayo

Margaritas for Cinco de Mayo are pretty much a no-brainer, but the way I look at it…a strawberry margarita is the real no-brainer for Cinco de Mayo. They’re pretty much at peak season and aren’t you trying to figure out ways you can eat more of them? I am ....more

Whole Grain Blueberry Breakfast Bars

Breakfast bars. Is there a faster form of breakfast out there? If there is, please let me know ....more

The Merveilleux are Coming The Merveilleux are Coming

Merveilleux, the little northern French pastry, perfected by the Belgians, is coming on with a vengence. So far there’s places in NY and LA where you can walk in and get these pretty little ethereal desserts, but you can easily make them at home too. Layers of crispy meringue surrounded by fresh flavored whipped cream and topped with a variety of delectable toppings (but especially shaved chocolate) ....more

Chilaquiles For Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

Chilaquiles (chee-la-kee-lees). A Mexican dish, usually served for breakfast or brunch that uses tortillas and salsa as its base (how can you go wrong there) and adds in meat, refried beans, eggs, onions, cilantro and cheese (depending on what you like or don’t like). How have you not made chilaquiles before? ...more

Flavored Homemade Flour Tortillas

You’re never going to believe how easy it is to make homemade flour tortillas. You’re also never going to believe how much better they taste than store bought tortillas. As in these tortillas have flavor, for real! ...more

What To Do With Easter Eggs

By now you’re wondering what to do with Easter eggs. Yeah, you’ve eaten them plain with salt, you’ve turned them into egg salad, but you still have a zillion of them left…now what? How about cured egg yolks? ...more

Take a Trip Through Texas’ Bluebonnet Trails

As soon as the last bits of winter erode from the Texas ground, people start to wonder when the bluebonnets are going appear. Of course not being a native Texan I just want to know when the bluebonnets will be popping out so I can go see them knowing it will be one of the last enjoyable weather days I’ll get to experience for the next 6 months or so. Texas…home to oil, cowboys, big hair and bluebonnets (the latter of which are definitely the prettiest) ....more