Instapot Chicken Lentil Soup

This Instapot chicken lentil soup is easy to toss together and so easy to make in your new instapot. In less than an hour you have delicious soup. Did you get a new instapot this year for Christmas? ...more

Sweet Potato Chips

Sometimes you just want a sweet and salty snack that won’t burst your waistline. These sweet potato chips are just what you’re looking for. Yes, it’s still January and you’re still trying to be good with what you eat ....more

Pear Cranberry and Walnut Salad

Butter lettuce topped with sweet pears, tart cranberries and crunchy walnuts make for a salad that’s easy to make, delicious and beautiful. Still eating healthy in the new year or have you already fallen off the wagon? Something tells me that you’re still hanging in there, though those cravings for a glass of wine are just about killing you aren’t they (they are me)? ...more

Home Made Champagne Vinaigrette

Home made champagne vinaigrette is so much better tasting than store bought salad dressing. This simple recipe comes together in a couple of minutes and is better for you than those store bought dressings. Yep, it’s a new year already ....more

Dried Fruit and Nut Baked Brie

Dried fruit and nut baked brie is an easy appetizer that will definitely please your party crowd. And it’s so pretty it can be at the center of the table. It’s almost New Year’s and that means more holiday get togethers ....more

Winter Solstice Cocktail

The Winter solstice is the shortest day of the year, but that just gives you more night time to enjoy this crisp winter solstice cocktail. Late fall and winter is pomegranate time. I love the tart sweet flavor of those little pomegranate seeds (arils) ....more

Crazy Easy Saltine Toffee Recipe

The utter deliciousness of saltine toffee is indescribable. But I can describe that it is so easy to make you’ll be making batches of it this season. Are you struggling to come up with an easy thing to make for dessert or something to take to Aunt Sally’s? ...more

Spiced Candied Bacon

Spiced candied bacon is a little salty, smoky, sweet and spicy. This easy recipe is perfect as a snack or for a homemade gift for friends. Most candied bacon recipes are made with maple syrup and/or brown sugar, but this recipe includes a bit of cayenne pepper just to kick things up another notch ....more

Easy Pear Tart

This simple pear tart is a breeze to make and tastes of all the flavors of fall. With cinnamon and a maple syrup glaze, baked pears never tasted so good. Pears seem to be everywhere right now, but do you take one look at them and say to yourself “what in the world am I going to do with pears?” While pears are great to eat out of hand, I very rarely buy them to eat like that ....more

Apple Sangria

This apple sangria is perfect for your holiday parties. It combines your favorite fall flavors into a cocktail that will disappear at your next party. I first had this apple sangria when I went wine tasting in Ohio ....more