Easter Blondies – Gluten Free Desserts

You’ve gotta love a cookie/dessert that comes together in minutes and tastes like a million bucks – that’s blondies. These little squares of heaven are so rich and delicious you almost don’t need chocolate…almost. I needed to bring a little sum’n sum’n to a pre-Easter get together and I just didn’t have time for anything elaborate ....more

OXO Spring Cleaning the Kitchen

After all the cold and muck comes beautiful Spring. And with that comes the annual Spring cleaning (UGH). Thankfully, OXO has great ways to help with that yucky task ....more

Cheddar Beer Bread Recipe

I’m all for a good kneaded bread, but sometimes you just want a hearty slice of bread that doesn’t take 3 hours (or more) to make – am I right? Let me introduce you to beer bread. This hearty, slightly crusty, slightly sweet slice of happiness is just what the doctor ordered ....more

Homemade Sloppy Joe Recipe

This sloppy joe recipe couldn’t be easier to make or better for you. Instead of using all beef, these sloppy joes are a combination of beef and heart healthy lentils. Trust me when I say no one will notice you’ve slipped something healthy into these sloppy joes ....more

Sweet Potato Recipe – The Hot Mess

This sweet potato recipe is literally a hot mess! Well, it’s my version of the famous stuffed sweet potatoes found at Pecan Lodge BBQ in Dallas, Texas. People, including myself, wait in lines as long as an hour to get their hands, and mouths, on one of these Barbacoa stuffed spuds ....more

Apple Upside Down Cake

This apple upside down cake will have your mind taking you back to those warm Fall days and crisp nights with the smell of falling leaves instead of the ridiculously cold temperatures of today along with the slushy slop and salt you’re dealing with. I know Winter can be really pretty, but right about now we’ve all had enough and we’re ready for some warmer temperatures and sun. That’s why I made this apple upside down cake ....more

Irish Whiskey Milkshake for St. Patrick’s Day

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day. Are you ready for the parties? ...more

Baking Bad and How to Make it Better

I get it, baking can be hard…really hard, but it doesn’t have to be. I’ve put together a little slide show to help you become a better baker. I’m not promising you that you’ll be making cakes like Duff or that those Parisian pastries you see in the windows of those little patisseries will be yours, but with just a few simple hints I can definitely improve your skills ....more

Easy Sesame Beef Stir Fry

Who doesn’t love a good stir fry? You get the combination of crispy, soft, salt, and sweet all in one easy to make dish. This sesame beef stir fry has all that and it’s a whole lot cheaper to make a stir fry at home than to do take out ....more

Roasted Winter Citrus Fruits

What brightens up a dreary day more than a bunch of bright colors? Inside those brightly colored orbs are even bright colors, you just need to slice into those citrus fruits to just let those insane colors free. A different way to get your dose of bright and cheery is to roast those winter citrus fruits ....more