The King of Bacon Recipes – Grilled Bacon

Send to Kindle It’s football season so you know what that means – tailgate parties! What’s not to love about a tailgate? Friends, lots of food and (hopefully) an exciting game between rival teams ....more

Homemade Pretzels Made the Right Way

Send to Kindle How many times have you gotten one of those soft pretzels when you were at the ballgame, fair, or waiting for the train in Germany and wish you could have them anytime you wanted? If you’re like me…it’s every time I get one in my grubby little hands! I have a very LARGE weakness for soft pretzels, or brezel as they’re called in Germany ....more

Cajun Potato Salad Dressing For No Mayo Potato Salad

Send to Kindle It’s that time of year again….SUMMER!!!!! F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. This has been an especially long and painful winter, hasn’t it? Well, this weekend kicks off summer and I, for one, couldn’t be happier about it. No, I’m trying not to think about the fact that my summer’s will now contain large amounts of mosquito’s, temps over 100 degrees and humidity that’s nearly as high as the temperature ....more

Vienna Waits For You

Send to Kindle Some of you know that I travel quite a bit but I never really talk about it here. Well, after hearing from several people that I SHOULD talk about it…because they want to know more about the places I go (so they can determine if they want to go) I am NOW...more

Easy Homemade Sugar Cookies

Send to Kindle Ahhhh…the simplicity of a sugar cookie. No caramel, no chocolate, no strange flavors or add-ins, just 7 simple ingredients coming together to make a cookie that tastes great plain (with a cup of tea or coffee) or with a quick slather of frosting for something a bit sweeter. Is there anything in life that’s as simple and pleasing as that? ...more

Fresh Tomato Recipes for Summer: Gazpacho

Send to Kindle Ahhhh…..summer. The long hot days, the warm nights, the piles of vegetables from the garden that are burying you faster than you can give them away. It’s almost perfect, isn’t it? ...more

An Easy Parsley Pesto Sauce Recipe

Send to Kindle You do know that pesto sauce is made from more/different ingredients than just basil and pine nuts, right? I think, at this point, people have made pesto out of just about any leafy plant they could get their hands on and even some vegetables. I’ve seen tomato pesto in the store, have you? ...more

Mint and Lime Vodka Cooler Cocktail

Send to Kindle When it’s hot you want something to cool you down, right? Lime, mint, and ice are three things that will get you there quick. Why not add a splash of vodka to the mix to really make things fun? ...more

The Best Damn Vanilla Ice Cream Ever

Send to Kindle Yeah, sure, vanilla ice cream (by itself) can be pretty boring. But drown it in caramel or chocolate sauce, toss on a few nuts or candy and add a big plop of whipped cream and now you’re talking about something pretty good right? Or maybe drop a couple of great big scoops into a frosty cold glass of root beer for a frothy root beer float, and now you’ve got another great way to enjoy vanilla ice cream ....more

Baked Chicken Recipe: South of the Border Beer Can Chicken

Send to Kindle Who says you need a grill to make beer can chicken? Well, they lied…you can make beer can chicken right in your oven. This south of the border baked chicken recipe is loaded with Mexican spices, and beer, to get your taste buds tingling and your tongue wagging ....more