And the curtain falls on another season of dance and piano.

It began on Friday with the dance recital. Julia tumbled. Phoebe tapped and plie’d ....more

Now, Phoebe.

It feels like Phoebe has been waiting forever to play ball. She’s watched her sisters do it her whole life. And she’s been asking for as long as she could say the words: “I play now?” Last night, she had her first scrimmage ....more

It’s that time of year!

We’ve gotten out the giant bubbles. And ball season has officially begun. Lucy’s team kicked it off with their first game (and first win) last night ....more

Thoughts and Photos from a Thursday

The kids and I are crazy about the show Tiny House Nation. We’re amazed at the way they maximize little spaces. Our house may not be tiny, but we’re continually looking for ways to manage (or get rid of) stuff to make room for people ....more

Filling Up the Pool

At the end of last summer, I picked up a little pool on clearance for $1.80 and stowed it in the back of my closet where it waited for the next day someone said, “I wish we had a pool to play in.” Yesterday was that day ....more

A Weekend A Photo A Day

Friday. Saturday. Sunday ....more

We are still a napping house.

he’s growing so fast but when he sleeps I can see he’s still a baby ...more


I didn’t immediately notice that our toilet had started leaking. There was a lot of water on the floor after bath time, but when isn’t there? (The answer is NEVER.) Sure, it seemed excessive, but certainly not the worst my kids have done ....more

My Busy Boy

This morning, Jack and I were the first ones up. We took a bath and he washed my hair. He helped me do dishes and make breakfast ....more

Yesterday at 7:48 a.m.

I snapped this picture of Lucy right before she went into school. And four minutes later, she turned seven while doing her morning work ....more