School at Home

Phoebe will begin preschool one week from today. (That’s the picture we sent to school to label her mailbox and cubby.) Once that happens, Jack and I will be on the go a lot, shuttling the bigger kids around. Our day will be fragmented into small chunks of time that are easy to waste if I’m not intentional about how we use it ....more

Summer was sweet.


Say Goodbye to Summer

Another year of school began for Julia and Lucy on Tuesday. It made headlines! Well, at our house, at least – in our very own newspaper ....more

This is for me as much as it is for the kids.

I’m at my best when I get 7 to 7 1/2 hours of sleep. I’m annoyed by how much it screws me up when I get much more or less than that, lately. If I could live according to my own circadian rhythm, I’d go to bed around 2 a.m. and sleep until 9 a.m. That doesn’t happen much ....more

Everything I Could Ever Hope to Have

I had an exceptionally bad day (or two) where I simply could not stand myself. I felt too disgusting and repulsive to show my face in public and I felt anxious when I had to. I clung on the verge of tears and tortured myself with evidence that I am good at and for nothing ....more

You can ruin brownies. Oh yes, you can ruin brownies.

We were out of sugar, so Julia used honey to make the brownies. Also cinnamon. Cinnamon ....more


We discovered some blackberry bushes on our property! We picked our first batch a few weeks ago with a plan to make pie, but most of the berries never made it to the kitchen. One of my favorite childhood memories is of picking blackberries with my mom ....more

In Bloom

Remember my hostas? Look at them now! ...more

Fun with semi-permanent hair dye!

Pink! Purple! Pink and purple! ...more

Old Timey Baseball

Dave crossed an item off his bucket list at the Cy Young Days Festival last weekend when he got to play in a vintage base ball game. The local youth recreation league coaches teamed up to play the Ohio Village Muffins. They played using a lemon peel ball ....more