Things We Made for Valentine’s Day

Julia made her own valentines this year on her computer. For her class: And a throwback for her teachers: (She attached her crayon hearts to a free printable card from The Long Thread.) Lucy didn’t want homemade valentines for school so, she picked valentines from the store – My Little Pony for the girls and Sports for the boys. She wrote them out and attached a mini-Twix to each, because Twix is her favorite and the important thing about all this is that she did it all by herself, MOM ....more


This is Fluffy Ufferton, the most recent addition to our indoor cat gang. He loves Julia. He really loves Julia when she plays the piano ....more

They said we were going to get some snow.

I had grand plans of taking a photo of the same spot every hour to document the snowfall. I was going to make a time-lapse video or something! But the snow mostly fell overnight ....more

Sometimes the wold looks better through egg carton goggles.

(We made these on Thursday from a paper egg carton. All our goggles started to rip a bit in the center, so I reinforced them with a brad fastener. If you’re in need of a pair yourself, I think a foam egg carton might make sturdier goggles.) ...more

The Don’t Go Game

I love my children. I loved them at first sight of those two little pink lines. And when they were born, I didn’t think I could possibly love them more ....more

Yes, we pretty much wear our pajamas all the time.

Jack isn’t feeling well. He’s got a sore throat and a cough. At first glance, this picture doesn’t appear to demonstrate that ....more

Snack time? Play time?

Yes ....more

Kelly Clarkson says everybody’s got a dark side. (Well, actually, she sings it.)

I was spreading the quilt over the bed when Phoebe noticed dust dancing in the early morning sunlight coming through the window. *Cue “Morning Has Broken” by Cat Stevens* “Look at that,” she gasped, watching with wonder as she passed her hand through it. “Shoo! ...more

On Being a Fourth Child

There isn’t a bit of clothing on him that didn’t belong to someone else first – from his thrift store coat to his sister’s old pink boots. He doesn’t seem to mind at all. (For now.) ...more

These are things that feel good.

School was closed yesterday and again today, and Dave has been off work to enjoy it with us. I made pancake men for a late and leisurely breakfast. We did the melty crayon craft and hung our artwork in the front living room window ....more