Oh, the ways you can paint!

Jack and I paint most days as part of our “school at home.” I usually try to tie it in with the letter of the week we’re studying. For example, we painted caterpillars using cups and clothespins and cotton balls for letter C. Here, he is painting fireworks for letter F with a sliced up toilet paper roll ....more

Voted Best All Around

Today is my mother’s birthday. I made her cupcakes because she is the greatest mom ever. Guacamole is 4 years old ....more

Furry Hugs


Friday Night Football

Lucy and Phoebe participated in a cheer clinic and were able to cheer with the high school cheerleaders at the game last night. Julia performed with the band. My guys watched from our reserved seats in the stands ....more

Happiness is a process.

If you come anywhere near my car, you are likely to hear one of these two songs blaring from the speakers. Our morning wake-up song, “Move” by Saint Motel “Love You Madly” by Cake Or anything by Cake. I really love Cake ....more

The Surprise Pumpkin Patch

I’m an accidental pumpkin farmer! I’d tossed our used pumpkins in the the burn pile last fall. Over the summer, we noticed some odd leaves growing from it ....more

Nicknames can be a sign of affection.

The kids love to mess with my phone. That’s one of the reasons it looks like this. And my iPad looks like this ....more

My favorite color is this blue sky.

It was cool enough for a sweater this morning, but warm enough for shorts in the afternoon. It is nearly that brief and beautiful time of year when I can wear long pants without sweating and we get to watch the sunrise on the commute to school. I want to say this is my favorite time of year, but it is the change of seasons I really love ....more

I’m with the band.

This is what Friday nights (and a lot of Saturdays) look like for us this fall. Julia is playing synthesizer in the high school marching band. I KNOW! ...more