Fun with semi-permanent hair dye!

Pink! Purple! Pink and purple! ...more

Old Timey Baseball

Dave crossed an item off his bucket list at the Cy Young Days Festival last weekend when he got to play in a vintage base ball game. The local youth recreation league coaches teamed up to play the Ohio Village Muffins. They played using a lemon peel ball ....more

Bubbles on her Birthday

We are great fans of bubbles. The bigger, the better. So, Julia was given a new giant bubble-making toy for her birthday ....more

Sugar + Milk + Egg + Wheat

Today is Julia’s eleventh birthday. Since she’s all about Minecraft, I decided to make her a Minecraft cake, like the one you can make on the game. Nice and simple ....more

Find the Creeper

We’ve been playing this game for weeks. Today, I found him in the refrigerator ....more


There is something about the word HUMANS that seems to carry more weight than any of its synonyms. The word PEOPLE, for example, seems a bit gentler. HUMANS? ...more

Enchanting. These books are enchanting!*

I read aloud to the kids every day. We always read shorter books that we can complete all at once. And now and then through the year – especially in the summer – we choose a longer book – preferably a series – to read together ....more

I think this is how summer is supposed to feel.

Fun, free, and over too soon ....more

Morning and Evening

A.M. P.M ....more

I need to post more than once a week. I’m leaving too much out that I want to remember!

There are twelve weeks of summer vacation. Display that on a giant calendar beside a list of all the stuff you want to cram on it and it doesn’t seem like a very long time. Week one is already gone! ...more