Christmas. It’s Kind of a Big Deal.

This year, our Christmas Countdown is threefold. Each day in December leading up to Christmas we have (and will continue) to: 1. Place a cotton ball on Santa’s beard ....more

Lucy is 6!

She woke up to balloons. And birthday greetings. “I have so many special things,” she smiled ....more

A girl I love is turning six tomorrow.

I made inside and out rainbow cupcakes for her to share with her friends at school. These are the prettiest three. Let us assume the rest look as good as this, if not better! ...more

April is National Kite Month

And the flying is easy ....more

This is how April 1st began.

“Good morning, kids!” “Hey, have you seen your dad?” ...more

The Last Day of March


Law of Food: Food made for you > Food made by you*

I handed her the recipe and surrendered the kitchen. I actually, physically removed myself from the kitchen. I did not stand over her shoulder or lurk and provide “helpful” advice ....more


Jack turned ONE on Friday. (And he had his picture taken by the lovely Lacey Bright.) He is the handsomest guy I’ve ever seen. I am completely in love with him ....more