I didn’t immediately notice that our toilet had started leaking. There was a lot of water on the floor after bath time, but when isn’t there? (The answer is NEVER.) Sure, it seemed excessive, but certainly not the worst my kids have done ....more

My Busy Boy

This morning, Jack and I were the first ones up. We took a bath and he washed my hair. He helped me do dishes and make breakfast ....more

Yesterday at 7:48 a.m.

I snapped this picture of Lucy right before she went into school. And four minutes later, she turned seven while doing her morning work ....more

My Hostas

I’d bought all they had at the town Farmer’s Market a plant I can’t kill! Now, four years later 8 plants become 24 hostas all around! Poking through the dirt as hopeful as a promise can’t wait till they bloom Flashback! ...more

Walking the Trail

We were out on a dreary day and met a crawdad on the way to our walking trail. He was the biggest I’d ever seen! He was right beside the road, closer to our house than to the trail, making his way to the stream after a big rain ....more

The Best Part of Easter is the Morning

I was brushing my teeth on Easter morning when Phoebe the Early Riser quietly sidled up to me and said, “Mom. I need to tell you the story of the Easter Bunny.” “Okay,” I garbled. I spit, replaced my toothbrush in its holder, and took a seat on the edge of the tub in preparation for the telling ....more

My Sweet Moonbeam

Phoebe. Bright and shining, radiant as the moon, as her name suggests, with a bit of a sullen streak. She’s a got a scowl that most kids have to go through the pain of puberty to earn ....more

The First Walk of Spring

It was warm enough to shed our jackets, yesterday. After school, when Dave and Julia went to softball practice, the rest of us headed out for a walk, along with this thing. The Scooter ....more

The Book Nook

Some good friends of ours have both a closet book nook and a beneath-the-loft-bed hideaway. Every time we visit them, the kids each find time to steal away into one or both of these spaces. Even with the Super Fantastic Ultra-Terrific Most Amazing Mega-Fun Time Friend Party raging around them, they’ll choose to step away and tuck up in that cozy space for some quiet time alone ....more

Jack is 2

Can you believe it? Two years old. If you ask him, he’ll tell you he’s five ....more