My sweet little boy.

He’s been up since 3 a.m. Yes. THREE A.M. And he’s been very busy ....more

Conditions were perfect for sledding.

It snowed yesterday and school was cancelled. It was also cancelled today, but today was bitterly cold and so we played Just Dance and Exploding Kittens. Yesterday, however, it was only just cold enough to snow and so we played in that snow ....more

9 degrees

I want to take more photos. For years, I’d taken a photo of each of the kids every day. This is no longer true ....more

“Mom, it’s snowing!”

“It’s snowing on the van!” “Mom! It’s snowing on Daddy’s car!” “It’s snowing on the play set!” She had to go out and play in it! She lasted about as long as it took me to make her hot cocoa ....more

Excerpt from Jack’s Guide for Right Living

This is milk’s necklace. It shall not be disposed of so long as the gallon jug is in use ....more

Our Musical Weekend

Saturday night, Lucy stood behind the Tuscarawas Philharmonic Orchestra with the Children’s Chorus and performed. She sang beautifully and with her whole heart. (And I could not help but remember this.) The Children’s Chorus was an incredible experience for Lucy ....more

Gingerbread. Graham Crackers. WHATEVER.

We made our gingerbread houses with graham crackers this year and I think we’ll be doing it this way from now on. We’d always used a kit before, but everyone loved designing their own home. And no one ran out of icing or decorations ....more

Christmas in 15…14…13…

This year marks our tenth Grimmett Family Christmas Countdown. We did our first one in 2006. We had just moved into our house, Julia was two and a half and the only child ....more

Putting on Shows

I made Phoebe mad recently. She took my phone and recorded herself crying and gave it to me as a memento of her sadness, and also my meanness because “look what you did, Mom.” I asked her if I could share it with you and she was delighted for you to witness her suffering. Somehow I think we’ll be recalling this video one day when she’s accepting an Oscar or getting arrested for her performance art ....more

This cat and his tongue.