Imagine Bananarama singing, “It’s a hai-ku summer.”

summer vacation day one: I mowed and they played we all got some sun ...more

Vacation, all I ever wanted.

This is what Phoebe looked like yesterday – her last day of preschool. A few hours later, she graduated. After Julia and Lucy’s last day of school today, we celebrated the start of summer vacation with the old balloon wreath dart game, per usual ....more

Keep Calm and Play the Piano

Julia and Lucy had their year-end piano recital earlier this month. Everyone calls it The Cookie Recital because parents bring cookies to share after the performances which I love because baking cookies is my jam. I long for that feeling when someone chooses my cookie from the tray, takes a bite and exclaims, “Oh! ...more

Phoebe kept calling it The Barn instead of The Farm.

Last week, my mom and Jack and I accompanied Phoebe on her preschool field trip to The Farm at Walnut Creek. We had a great time feeding all sorts of animals, many with amazing tongues. You can see more pictures here ....more

Mother’s Day Weekend

Dave took the girls to a Daddy Daughter dance at Lucy’s school on Friday night. They wore their favorite dresses and lipstick and twirled and proclaimed they were princesses on the way out the door. They came home happily exhausted, so it must have been a good night ....more

Phoebe’s Funhouse

Phoebe loves to watch Hailey’s Magical Playhouse on YouTube. I can’t remember how we discovered it, but it has been her favorite thing to watch ever since. She wants to watch it all the time! ...more


May began with Julia’s Spring Band Concert. She’s the first drummer on the left, except for the last song in which she is the bass drum player on the right. She loves band ....more

Doggie Kisses


Our Family Table

We’ve been sitting around the same table and “chairs” for ten years. We’ve made a lot of memories at that table, but we’ve outgrown it. The leaf insert that was meant to extend the table for special occasions had become a permanent fixture, as well as the play dough, cookie dough, moon sand or whatever all that is that’s lodged in the crevices ....more