"Will Brother Blow My Cover?"

So, as luck would have it, that time of the month hits me and I have no maxi pads.  (It’s ok fellas, keep reading.)  I would use some of my Mom’s Poises, but my dog destroyed them all.  I ask my parents if I can please use the car to just run to the store and back.  But of COURSE, my father won’t let me.  He wants the whole family to drive together – like an outing – to the store.  We pile into the Smart Car, looking like a bunch of circus clowns in one little Volkswagen and drive down the street.  Well, it’s a beautiful sunshiny day, and ever...more

Therapy Group (A Painful Comedy)

To combat the stress of the craziness, both inner and outer, I’ve started doing Tai Chi in the backyard.  Not real Tai Chi, because I’ve never taken a class, but my own version that I’ve made up.  I recall Ralph Macchio in“The Karate Kid”- wax on, was off - and the old geezers I used to see in Chinatown parks at 7am and put together a series of body movements coordinated with in and out breaths.  So naturally, after dinner where my father made us order from the kids’ menu as punishment for taking his car to the mall, and I saw him give his usual 8% tip that made me c...more