No Offense to Alicia, but I'm NOT a Superwoman

Fantasia Barrino is the latest casualty in the myth of the Black Superwoman. The news on the wire today is that Fantasia, on the heels of public innuendo about an affair with a married man, attempted suicide....more

Uninvited: How social media ruined my birthday

The marketer in me loves social media tools and their ability to find segments of consumers ripe for the picking, er, for "targeted product messaging".  As a blogger, I use Twitter, Facebook and associated techniques to publicize the crap I write to those most likely to care or laugh (i.e....more

Music, identity and Erykah Badu: Haters, please!

#NowPlaying in my iTunes rotation:  the entire Erykah Badu musical oeuvre, Tyrone and all.  Why?  First of all, her new album dropped today and like the good fan that I am, I pre-ordered that shit last week and downloaded it as soon as it was available.  Second, she's a little strange and unpredictable and undefinable, and I like that in an artist, especially when that artist is black and female and has had a long career being/doing whatever she feels like at the time.  You feeling me? ...more