The story of our first baby

I found out I was pregnant on our fourth anniversary and lost the baby five weeks later. Miscarriages are such a strange and terrible...more


WAITING for this book to arrive in the mail. I’ve had it on my library waiting list for two months now and there’s no end in sight so I decided to just buy it. WEARING...more

Where we stayed in London


April Goals

Tap, tap. Is this thing on? Yes? ...more

February Highlights

Oh February! It was such a good month. For the shortest month of the year, it sure lasted a long time and we managed to pack in a lot....more

March Goals

March has arrived, and with it comes daylight savings (hallelujah), warmer weather (amen), and our long-awaited trip to Europe (what! what!). The countdown is on — one week until we leave!...more

Dining Room, Before & After

I shared a few photos of our dining room with the wainscoting tutorial, but here’s a full before and after with sources, in case you are curious. I’m no expert on decorating, and this room isn’t even fully finished (I need to put art on the walls, paint the cabinet and maybe replace the chandelier), but...more

How to install wainscoting

Remember me talking about adding wainscoting to my dining room? I’m finally...more

Snow days

I always forget that in February we are still very much in the thick of winter. Spring starts in March in the South, so it feels so close! But not so — we always get the coldest days and most wintery weather this month....more

Paris Bucket List

As I mentioned a few days ago, J and I are about to spend 10 days in Europe. We are spending three nights in London, four nights in Paris, and three nights with our friends in St. Wendel Germany ....more