Saved by the phome

“Can’t find it with or without a map,” she thought peering at the sleeping man by her side. “Conscience; clearly he’s got none,” she continued muttering to herself as she slid slowly out of the bed, one leg at a time. Bending down to locate the rest of her clothes scattered on the floor, she snagged her jeans, blouse and bra and hurriedly put them on, pausing as his snores fell silent for an instant. When the soft whistle of his breath continued she groped around for her heels and her hand touched his mobile....more

Big bums

Last night I was flicking through the tv channelson my way to Hawaii 5-0 as it happens, when I stopped on some weird documentary type thing with a woman trying to explore her slight case of body dysmorphia.  I believe her major problem was that she weighed herself everyday and just wasn't happy about how she looked. For the record this was quite an attractive woman- slim, but apparently that's the problem she obsesses about it, lovely skin, and a lovely face too.  ...more

On-line dating: how to be successful

How to be successful at on-line dating Should you be in the unfortunate position of having to try on-line dating here are some guidelines for you. I have gleaned this information from close scrutiny of profiles, both male and female. First you need to write your profile. Try to include some, or all, of the following: It is imperative you mention The Shawshank Redemption....more

Top of the Stupid Things I've Done list-A Visit to a Clairvoyant

A visit to the clairvoyant. Before I begin let me just say I know that it really was a foolish thing to do.  But my friend had seen her, and she was spot on for her.  And, well, I needed to hear something positive; I needed some hope.So off I trotted. To the middle of no where. This time I didn’t get lost.She told me that I’m not putting in 100% at work, I am capable of so much more. Sounds very general, doesn’t it? Not a great start because I’m not working full-time, and I don’t want too....more
I am looking into my crystal ball and see a bright future full of sweet love! I'm not psychic ...more

Reminiscing. . .about 'Friends'

As I was replying to a comment made yesterday all of a sudden I couldn't remember Monica's name from Friends. I figure it's an incipient middle age thing or I've been dying my hair too long, anyway I had to go and google it. I found this site with all sorts of fun Friends trivia on it.And I found out that Joey has seven sisters, which I didn't know. And that their names are: Veronica, Mary Angela, Mary Theresa, Gina, Dina, Tina, and Cookie, which I also didn't know....more

Questions that don't need to be answered. . .

A stupid poll from yahoo!7news:...more

"Breaking Dawn" - all self inflicted. . .

Why the attraction? Even the books weren’t that interesting, I didn’t exactly find them gripping. So I wonder why they became a big hit? I also wonder why Harry Potter became a big hit.Wonder what the next big hit will be. We’ve had wizards and vampires next? Witches? Zombies? A religious order perhaps since we’re becoming so pious. Think about it, HP was fairly pious too....more

Stupid things I have done lately. . .

Thought it would do my self-esteem some good to make a list of dumb-ass things I have done in the last week....more

So far and yet. . . so far

Sometimes I just shouldn’t be let out by myself. Yet another epic fail when it comes to navigating. Do you know the phrase: No freakin’ idea. Well that’s me.This evening I was determined to go to a Tango class. I had discovered one not nearby but inner city as all good things appear to be these days. Nevertheless I had decided I needed to embrace my inner Dancing Queen again and do some tango. I might be in a little mini rut so needed to drag myself out of it. Dancing seemed just the thing. I was ready. I was prepared....more

My ineffectual To Do list

This morning my To Do list looked like this:Get upShowerDressFeed dogFeed selfGo to work/schoolGo to gym after workBlogRead other people's blogsEat dinnerFinish markingI did the first eight things but just can't bring myself to add anything more to my day. I want to sit on the couch and watch Big Bang Theory and eat the Corn Chowder I made yesterday- no matter how average it is....more