My Muse

When I took a new job last year, a neighbor of mine told me how I should keep a journal about my travels. I laughed, and didn’t think much of it.Then I went on my first business trip, where I met a guy at the hotel bar, had a ridiculously amazing conversation with over a baseball game and ended up in his room making out.Just a fluke.Several months later, I have the time of my life while stuck in a blizzard with a guy who was also stranded, making snow angels, playing blackjack and making out all night.Another fluke....more

Hugs and Champagne

I’ll admit that I am having a bad day. Like, a really bad day. One of those two anxiety pills kind of ones.It’s this time when, while I don’t normally wish I had boyfriend, I do right now. Maybe not even a boyfriend. Just someone to put their arms around me, tell me it’s all going to be OK and kiss me on my forehead. Someone who will text me during this terrible day with a smiley face. Someone I can turn to when everyone else is turning to me....more