Prompt: Blog post you decided not to publish

I was reviewing some old never-been-posted files recently and came across this one.  It's not complete, but you get the idea where it was going. **** A love letter to my daughter, or why Mel almost got grounded from Facebook  Dear Mel, ...more

Fighting Irish

Most Fridays, K and I go to the pub a couple of doors down from the firm to have a drink and celebrate getting to the end of the week.  On the occasional Friday, we go to the pub a couple of doors down from the firm to self-medicate after a week full of suck.  We are treated very well, and as a famous sitcom used to say, sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name....more


It is when he is asleep that I am able to indulge in my most secret doting.  His chest against my back, his arm draped over my body, my hand in his securely tucked under my chin.  I can hear his soft, regular breathing, know he is at peace, yet even in sleep he is protective.   I have never felt so cherished by anyone as I do here, in the circumference of his body.  There are no more bad dreams, and for this...for this I settle against him a little closer, hold his hand a little tighter, breathe a little slower, blissed ou...more
Thank you!more

Unseemly, at best

I guess I'm lucky today.  Other new bloggers I've been reading, who are participating in NaNoBloPo, are talking about running out of things to write about, not wanting to write an online diary or resort to prompts about things they aren't comfortable writing about. I have TOO MANY things to choose from today, and it's really stiffening my fingers, so to speak. ...more

Channelling my inner Buzz Lightyear

Yesterday was, as I've posted for the past few days, my daughter's thirteenth birthday. It was a big deal for me, not just because she's my daughter, but because I had her on the actual day. Being the non-custodial parent, unless I have my kids when a special occasion happens to fall on the weekend they’re with me, my getting to celebrate something with them either happens just before or just after the day itself....more