The Third Shift: Maintaining Your Sanity While Going to College

We women talk A LOT about finding "balance." Well, maybe I should say "you." As someone who isn't married and doesn't have any kids, I don't know how most of you do it. I can't even balance my checkbook let alone kids' carpools and soccer games, date night, and 8 or more hours of work each day. If you've got kids, you're pretty much the Duggars to me. ...more

Where Are The Women? Win $500 In's Video Contest

I am a long time BlogHer member, but I also work for the personal finance blog  Today I am posting on the behalf of because we're holding a video contest, and I want BlogHers to enter. Why?  Because YOU make 80% of all household buying and saving decisions. Because there aren't many easier ways to make $500 bucks! And because we don't have any entries from women yet. ...more

10 Alternative Ways To Track Democratic Convention News

A lot of people have been asking me about the best ways to keep track of the news coming out of the Democratic Convention in Denver. We all know you can watch cable news and read the major newspapers, but I decided to make a definitive list of the best alternative ways to follow the events of the DNC. ...more

The Funny Thing Is, Rape Isn't Funny

Damn, this is rough. Kind of like a scarlet letter except funnier. Anjeannette certainly seems to have taken it well, and I guess it could've been worse. The local press might've been forced to wear the Reno 911 badges. ...more

Bush Administration Launches Another Unwinnable War--Against Contraception

Warning, I am pissed off and use language to reflect that.  It's a rant, but a fact-based rant.  One note, I am not referring to Christian conservatives who do not think their values are more important than a woman's right to contraception. It's amazing how timely the questions I asked BlogHer to ask Obama and McCain campaign representatives during a special session were (questions that were not asked by the way). Here are the questions I submitted to BlogHer: ...more

BlogHers of A Certain Age Who Aren't "Mommies"

This post about looking for "middle-aged" bloggers got me to thinking. First of all, what the hell is middle-age these days?  I'm almost 40 (less than a month to go!), and I spend less time thinking about age than I do about not being a mother in terms of blogging, as well as in general.  I'm not trying to start a war or anything, but sometimes, it's hard to be a non "mommy blogger" for a lot of reasons (monetary being one of them).  Don't get me wrong. ...more
@smartchica47I've been thinking lately that once I do become a mother, I will probably start a ...more

Still Looking for Roomie with A Room

People keep seeking and finding roomies before I notice! I am still looking for a roomie who has a room. Please help! I don't snore, am nice most of the time (but mornings can be slow) and most people think I'm kind of funny--this is all tempered by a healthy level of cautious optimism. I'll keep checking back, but if you have a room and are looking for a roomy, please email me at Thanks!   Tracy ( If it matters, I am a progressive political blogger. If it doesnt, who cares! I need a bed! ;-)   ...more

Rachel Ray's Scarf Is More Muslim than Obama

I started a new blog called "Things More Muslim than Obama" so that I could point out the ignorance and bigotry of those who insist on calling Obama a muslim.  Inherent in that characterization is the idea that being a muslim is a bad thing for America, not to mention the idea that all muslims are terrorists.  There are many more entries, but the entry below about the Rachel Ray scarf/keffiyeh incident was the first entry.  Please send the website to your friends to help point out how ridiculous and un-Americ ...more

Hi Myrna, 

Al Gore Is More Muslim Than Obama because he's been seen hanging out with ...more