My First Speed Dating Experience

I'm about to head out for my first speed dating experience. Was a last minute sort of thing, friend posted a Facebook update that her friend still needed girls for tonight's event and wouldn't it figure it is being held in my neighborhood and is free, so why not? I figure I have nothing to lose, but I'm still nervous, I feel like I'm going on a job interview! ...more

My "Runner's High" This Morning

This week I switched my workouts from lunch to mornings, well all but Monday, did that one during lunch. Each time has its pros and cons, but in my attempt to burn more calories, I need to workout in the mornings. I hate getting up so freaking early, but I love how I feel when I am finished! It is nice not having to pack a gym bag. ...more

I just started walking/running. I feel so good after running. I am slow and not going far yet, ...more

Why is it more fun to gain weight than it is to lose weight?

I am working hard to lose the last ten pounds. I am halfway there, but I find the less weight I have to lose, the harder it is. I am inching my way up to 40, thankfully I have a few years till I get there, but I have found the older I get, the harder it is to lose and keep it off. During the past year, I managed to gain ten pounds. I say "managed", but I know exactly how it happened. ...more