Bye Bye Dip!

H1N1 - Over its Unavailability!

The Hubster Crochets?!

I grew up with an incredibly crafty grandma. She was talented beyond the norm. If there was a craft out there worth trying, she tried it and nine out of ten times, she rocked it. I always aspired to be like her and try new things. Now in my thirties, married and a mohter of a 2.5 yr old and another on the way, I'm realizing the balance and serenity crafting brings to ones life. Now I am by no means an expert crafter!...more

Silly boys. Why can't they understand its actually very sexy!


Lonnnnng Trip

So hubby and I and the tot made our way to our in-laws this past weekend. I didnt think it would be any different from the umpteen million times w have made the 4 hour trek. However, this time,after 3.5 hours of dealing with a very unhappy toddler, we still found ourselves no where near our destination. Able to take a break, we were set to go in about an hour and things (the tot) seemed to be calmer. Tot was in her car seat talking softly and singing. So glad she was finally winding down, we made it to hubby's sisters house by 10 pm. ...more