Transplant - An Ongoing Journey

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Screw Valentine's Day... Happy Donor National Day!

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I Sound Like the Godfather (But, I Feel Like James Dean)

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Packing with Kids OR Why Mommy has Lost Her Mind (This Time)

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Thanks! Yes, it answered the question that had plagued my brain before I started, which was, ...more

My Girl

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Moving On...

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Rape: No Means No

I don't normally like to jump on political band-wagons but, I was browsing the internet in blissful ignorance yesterday when I stumbled across HR 3, a bill that has it's op...more

Luckily, the forcible language has been removed. There are however other problems with the bill ...more

Kai Ballerina... 3 Year Old Diva

Yesterday, I took the kids to Target just to get out of the house and do something different.  I don't make a habit of buying them something every t...more

Mom of the Year... Or Not

An elderly woman at Ruby Tuesday's complimented me on my "well behaved" children. ...more