Ok cupcake, where is your Diva?

My inner Darling Diva was chattin with Ms. Julie's Darling Diva, the other day and it came to us.    ...more

I wanted to stay, right there, in the moment...

I wanted to stay, right there, in the moment... Grossi_003 Mr. G and I spent last night at a luscious Sweet 16 party for a darling friend of ours. Somewhere between my pink martini and the amazing array of Italian food, the D.J. put on a song that slid my hips into a motion that resembled rhythm...and inevitably that tends to lead me to the dance floor. You'd think that I swung onto the floor with my hunky hubby in hand, but at the time, he was clear across the room. So I grabbed the arm of a few girlfriends and we drifted onto the dance floor together. ...more

What if everyone let you be Juicy, just like Starbuck's?

I live in out in the country a bit. Meaning, for any REAL shopping I have to drive about 25 minutes to shop big. Being a stay at home mom means that I get to Starbuck's approximately once every 3 weeks. And it is with pure pleasure that I order my drink, EXACTLY the way I want it and trot out with my Juicy purchase. I don't know about you but the JOY of Starbuck's is getting the order done the way I want it done...down to the little last drop of goodness. Here's what I mean: "Hi, welcome to Starbuck's! What can I get you today?" the girl at the counter asks. ...more