Sweet but healthy - what is it? - Of course... Fruit salad

Do you know the feeling you should throw some fruit away? Nobody wants to eat them because they are not "that" fresh anymore... Today I made from these fruit a simple fruit salad. I hope you like it as my sweet little family:-) Ingredients: BlueberryBananaWatermelonPeach...more

Hungarian pancake: Palacsinta

It's an original Hungarian recipe. Similar to the U.S. pancakes, French Crepes, but not so. If you like it, just do it!...more

Ok, finally we made this spaghetti-hot-dog fun... :-)

There are many blog writes about the spaghetti - hot dog combinations. Today for lunch we did it with my four-year-old. It was simple but a bunch of fun:-) Ingredients:...more

My very first Banana Bread!

I was thinking about something new to bake today with my kiddo :-) I heard about Banana Bread, but never did. (I am Hungarian, we have a similar bread with fruit, but a little bit different.) Just typed in google and clicked on the first hit. I guess I found the perfect recipe from the thousands... :-)Ingredients...more

40 minutes pizza for breakfast? - Why not? :-)

Ingredients: 2-1/4 cups flour1 envelope Pizza Yeast1-1/2 teaspoons sugar1 teaspoon salt2/3 cup very-very warm water3 tabelspoons oilPizza sauceToppingsCheese. ...more