Hippie and Artsy Mom illustrations on pinterest…

Okay, I swear, I’m going to stop posting illustrations very soon. ...more

Rock illustrations on pinterest!

These illustrations are some of my absolute favorites in Escape from Ugly Mom Island. ...more

Five body products I love…

I LOVE body products. ...more

Mod illustrations on pinterest!

I’ve got my Mod illustrations from my book on pinterest now. ...more

Happy Easter!

I’ve taken so many pictures of Pickles and her baby chicks that I feel like I’m starting to become some kind of chicken paparazzi. ...more

Euro on pinterest!

I just put the Euro illustrations on pinterest for my book, Escape from Ugly Mom Island! ...more

It’s surgery day! It’s surgery day!

Yesterday, I had my varicose vein surgery. ...more

My prolonged absence

It’s been a whole week since I posted anything about my book, my life, my kids or anything in my over-sharing universe. ...more

mom sunglasses

If I could make a coffee table book, it wouldn’t be about the natural wonders of the Earth or the city lights of Paris, it would be filled with nothing but pictures of mom sunglasses… ...more

Classic! On Pinterest…

In anticipation of my book coming out on April 20th (which someone pointed out is Hitler’s birthday), I have decided to put all of the book’s illustrations up on Pinterest. I’ve been on Pinterest since My Year of Fabulous, but I’ve never really been that into Pinterest… You know, there are people that are into Pinterest, really into Pinterest, and then those that aren’t. ...more