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Seven Common Mistakes When Being on a Weight Loss Program

My Yoga Online - Part of an overall healthy lifestyle is maintaining an appropriate body composition. When attempting to decrease body fat percentages, many people make these common mistakes that greatly hinder success in achieving effective weight loss. ...more

5 Health Reasons to Reduce Stress

My Yoga Online has added a new health and wellness article by Kreg Weiss, Five Reasons to Reduce Stress. ...more

5 Quick Food Tips for Losing Weight

Part of an overall health and wellness program is managing body weight and maintaining a healthy percentage of total lean body mass. To optimize your healthy body weight composition, we have some simple, yet effective eating tips that will enhance your wellness strategies. ...more

Lower Body Toning with Yoga Poses

Practicing Yoga offers a great deal of benefits including the strengthening and toning of muscles. This strengthening and toning supports joint structures, promotes injury prevention, improves physical performance, and enhances body weight management. This strengthening is more appropriately classified as endurance, the degree and length of time in which a muscle can sustain a contraction, since most Yoga poses involve 'holding' the position versus the action of loading the joint through repetitions. ...more

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When Our Yoga Practice Goes Wrong

My Yoga Online - I was recently asked about my opinion about 'fatigue' and reaching to one's physical limits in yoga practices. I had presented my earlier opinion that excessive fatigue should be avoided in a yoga class. As teachers, we should apply this principle and as students, we need to observe this mindfully. I realized that my definition of 'excessive fatigue' was not well presented as I was challenged on the idea that working the body to a place of fatigue is actually beneficial. ...more

Quality Baby Bibs By Scaboozie

My Yoga Online - My kid drools. Drools like a waterfall. He smiles, he drools, he cries, he drools, he sees a favourite toy and boy does he drool. We bought a ten pack of bibs for ten dollars thinking we’d just switch them up every couple of minutes. They were cotton on one side and plastic on the other. The first time we washed them the plastic peeled off the back and the neck shrunk enough to choke the kid. And the ones that we didn’t wash created a rash around his neck from the plastic. Not good. ...more

Pelvic Tilts in Yoga

My Yoga Online has posted a new Yoga Anatomy article by Dr. Carla Cupido, Yoga and Anterior Pelvic Tilt. Dr. Cupido breaks down the anatomical components of the anterior pelvic tilt that is naturally set for the lower spine in order to sustain a healthy vertebral column. ...more

Acceptance, Appreciation and Gratitude

My Yoga Online has posted a great new article by Vijai Sharma, The Power of Acceptance and Gratitude. This wellness article brings perspective into the benefits of choosing positive thoughts and actions. Vijai also offers a Yoga Heart and Breathing exercise which can bring positive emotions in focus and hopefully also help you to calm your heart and breathing. ...more

Develop Your Yoga Practice Over Time

Enjoy this new Yoga post on My Yoga Online by Kino MacGregor, Developing Devotion. Kino looks at the application of Yoga and acquiring the benefits of your practice when done through consistency and mindful devotion. ...more