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Saluting the Strength of Fathers

  This post is dedicated to the amazing strength that fathers exhibit as they take care of their families. I have been blessed with some wonderful examples of good fathers in my life – men who stood and cared for their families each day without complaint. . I have seen my own Dad, my uncles, grandfather and husband take care of their wives and children in that strong, quiet way fathers do. Fathers serve as a wonderful source of the positive power of male strength that children experience....more

Reflecting on Akoma - Patience and Tolerence

  Akoma is the beautiful Adinkra symbol that represents tolerence and patience....more

Alternative to Halloween - Fun with Anansi

A few ideas  for a fun filled evening with Anansi the spider.   This little spider will make you laugh at his antics.  The Anansi Folktales originated in Ghana West Africa but are known around the world!  The Fall is a great time to  re-tell and celebrate the adventures of the original Spiderman – Anansi !   Many people  today are looking to find alternatives to  scary,  shadow filled  Halloween parties....more