I love Grandma so much. I want to help her!

Grandma is home and I am trying to figure out what to give her that she can eat. She is having trouble swallowing and she gags. We are trying to give her soft foods but not too soft that it just stays in her throat. Ensure is gong to be her best friend I think....more

Can my family get a break????

So my grandmother had a hysterectomy for uterine Cancer in September of this year. Now we are finding out that the cancer spread to her lungs and she has to do Chemo. Nice! :( She is a very strong woman and I am praying she will make it through and that she will be healthy again. I am very worried and concerned. My grandparents, My family are very important to me. I will be ther with her through this all!! Right by her side!...more
@Darcie  Thank you!!more

Curve balls of life

So I haven't written in awhile. Been takin care of things. Life sure does throw you some curve balls. I found out that I have a underactive thyroid, a fatty liver and a nodule on my lung. All of this is not serious, thank god, though alot to take in. I have to loose weight and stop drinking all together. This will be hard. I have a great support system but it is already proving to be difficult. On top of this I found out we need need a new engine for our car. Ugh! Not fun. It will all work out. My health is most important. Everything happens for a reason....more

Life... just isnt easy sometimes

I have Depression. Have had it for a few years and only ben on meds for one year. The meds stabilize my moods. Though sometimes that is hard to do. When thinking about my life and the things I have been through I am very grateful to have turned out the way I did.There are issues in my life that I can't seem to get over. I feel as though these thing contribute to the depression and I do not know how to get over these issues. I have been in counseling and spoken to the family members to which the issues pertain and it is not helping....more

New to this...

So my mom has Congestive heart failure,Vtach,and an enlarged heart with a weak heart muscle. She is only 48years old and this all started in October of last year. Mom has been having a hard time with all of this mentally, which is TOTALLY understandable. We were at a dr appt and someone said something about blogging. Well hell, why didnt I think about that?? Well, because I have never done it before, soo here I am and this is my first blog! YAY me!! Lol!!...more
 @kikki58  also love you too!! and YAY!!! 26 days!!!!more