Perfect soft boiled egg

I like eggs prepared any way, but soft boiled eggs and poached eggs are my favorite. They are very easy and quick to make. To make a perfect soft boiled egg a timer is a must ....more

Fish with Orange Beurre Blanc Sauce

Want a fancy restaurant style dish in under 30 minutes? Well..this is it! Fish with orange beurre blanc sauce is perfect and easy seafood dish ....more

Smetanik Cake

Smetanik cake is a Russian sour cream cake with sour cream frosting. It’s not overly sweet and the cream feels really light and smooth. If you love moist cakes you can add sugar syrup to moisten it, if you’re more on the drier type cake then skip this step ....more

Salmon Pasta Dish

What I like about pasta dish is …. it’s really quick and easy to prepare,looks mouthwatering and fancy, and always delicious! This salmon pasta dish is light and tasty ....more

Stuffed Mini Peppers

These stuffed mini peppers are a quick and easy appetizer or snack. No cooking or baking required. Just mix the chicken filling and stuff the peppers ....more

Spinach Arugula Salad with Strawberries

This is a nutritious and vibrant spring salad with spinach, arugula, asparagus, and strawberries. Crisp green leaves and bright sweet strawberries are tossed in a light balsamic vinaigrette, then topped of with turkey bacon and feta cheese. It’s so delicious ...more

Honey Cake

This a 4 layered honey cake with smooth mascarpone cream frosting. You can add nuts for ...more

Lemon Blueberry Bread

This Lemon blueberry bread is bursting with ...more

Dulce de leche Tiramisu Cake

Dulce de leche Tiramisu cake is a well loved classic cake with a twist. This cake is replaced with sponge cake for lady fingers and with creamy dulce de leche frosting. Always perfect dessert for any occasion ....more

Spinach Salad

This Spinach salad is delicious, healthy, and vibrant. It’s one of the most requested salads that I bring to potlucks. So I make...more