Natural Anti-Aging Serum Recipe To Look Well Rested, Refreshed and Young

I have been using anti-aging serums and creams for more than a decade now and I believed they work fine. The last couple of years (actually, since I gave birth to my son) I became more critical towards what we, in my family, eat, drink, wear or put on our bodies. Being in an analytical mood and having quite a busy lifestyle, which does no good to my skin, I started to question if I am not actually buying fake dreams instead of really working anti-aging creams....more

Homemade Aloe Vera Face Moisturizer

Since I discovered the aloe vera gel, I can’t get enough of it. It is packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. The aloe vera gel moisturizes and heals the skin. It is known to have a beneficial effect on skin problems like acne, redness, sunburns, pigmentation and dryness. It brightens the skin by removing the dead cells. Image: Matt Biddulph via Flickr ...more
Does sunflower oil work well as a substitute to the hazelnut oil?more

Honor the Earth – Celebrate Life! | A Giveaway from Mountain Rose Herbs

Did You Know? Interesting Facts about the Earth that need to end!The garbage in a landfill stays for about 30 years.Each person throws away approximately four pounds of garbage every day.One bus carries as many people as 40 cars!More than 1/3 of all energy is used by people at home.Most families throw away about 88 pounds of plastic every year....more
 @Nature medicine These facts are taken from as I have stated at the end of ...more

Homemade Lotion Bars Recipe - The Perfect Gift For Your Skin

I used to use conventional non-organic and 100% unnatural body lotion on a daily basis till I got pregnant. This was when I asked: Is this thing that I am putting every single day on my belly (and the rest of my body) good for my baby?...more
That looks pretty cool, I should make something like this for my Sister for her Birthday. She ...more

Homemade Deodorant Recipe Without Baking Soda - Refreshing, Soothing and Safe

The Alternative Homemade DeodorantI fell in love with this homemade deodorant from the first time I made it. I especially enjoy the bouquet of aromas from the essential oils. This homemade deodorant soothes the skin and eliminates the armpit odor. I usually apply it right after bath for maximum effect.The added values are:...more

Cloth Diapers vs Disposable Diapers | Why Cloth Diapers are the Best for My Baby and Wallet?

If you are like me you most probably use disposable diapers for your baby or toddler. They are convenient, save time and you never deal with washing. Then why on earth should I use something my grandma has used for her kids? Well, there are so many good reasons to use cloth diapers that you may even like to have another baby only to make things right and better from day one...;) Here are my 2 cents to make you change your mind and choose the best for your baby and wallet (not to mention the planet).Cloth Diapers are Cheaper than Disposables ...more
We actually wrote a cloth vs disposable diaper ...more

3 Homemade Deodorant Recipes - Easy, Working and Aluminum Free

Giving birth changed me a lot and in many ways,... including that now I sweat more and smell more. Apart from the unpleasant changes, giving birth also motivated me to make more responsible choices for me and my family every day....more