Why You Shouldn't Leave the House Looking CRAZY

Yesterday, my husband needed a ride. He just needed to be dropped off at a place that wasn't far from the house, so I decided to go "as is," which looked like this... READ  MORE ...more

On Our Addiction to Badness

On Our Addiction to Badness Did you miss the news today? Let me fill you in: Someone got shot, somebody got killed, a house burnt down, one million factory workers lost their jobs, and there’s something poisonous in your kitchen cabinet. More at 10. ...more

Loving Yourself: Why It's Harder Than it Sounds

Have you ever noticed how little children are so proud of themselves for doing the smallest of things? They can get extreme joy out of putting on their own clothes, feeding themselves, or taking a few steps. They are constantly celebrating themselves, and why wouldn’t they? Good parents realize the importance of building esteem in young children, so they readily praise them for their accomplishments, regardless of how small they may be. How many times a day does a parent praise a young child? ...more

Yes, Roselotus, I agree. Of course we want to look good on the outside. No harm in that, but ...more