Do You Like Your Wine, Mama? I do, too!

My husband is in a Ph.D program working toward a degree in biomedical neuroscience. This means he's under a lot of pressure to spend endless hours in a lab conducting experiments and publish in medical journals. I teach three days a week at a respectable university in Philadelphia. I can't take on a full-time gig, because the few hours I teach, my husband stays home with our baby....more

Raising Bilingual Children?

After I gave birth, my husband, Jeremy, and I decided that he'd speak to our son in English and I'd communicate with him in Turkish. It wasn't a formal agreement, really. It's not like we sat down around the dining room table and said, we should do this. We didn't conduct an extensive research about being bilingual. We didn't set strict rules. It sort of happened. It just made sense that if our child was going to be exposed to two different cultures, he would learn to speak in two different languages. ...more

New Motherhood Is Hard Enough: Say No to Visitors

Until I had my son, it had never occurred to me that the first days, weeks, and months of being new parents would be sheer hell. I mean it. I don't envy any of you who are currently trying make it through the first two months of parenthood. It's difficult. Don't believe anyone who says otherwise. They're lying. It's beyond difficult. For us, it all started when we took our son to his first doctor's appointment. ...more
Thanks for sharing your motherhood experience, I come to know about many thing I never think on ...more

Fresh Start with a Rested Mind

Last year around this time, I couldn't see straight. TS was only a week old and life had taken a speedy turn into something my husband and I had never experienced before. During the hectic postpartum stages of being a new mom, I couldn't imagine finding a calm routine....more

Upon a Closing Door

During the fall of 2008, I was stuck with a pathetically low paying teaching job at a South Jersey community college where I taught students who couldn't spell their own names. I was also stuck in an even more pathetic marriage that I knew I shouldn't have agreed to be a part of. ...more

Advice To My Son...

My husband and I are new to parenting. Although our son was born over seven months ago, everyday is a challenge. On most days, when I wake up a few times between midnight and 5:00am for diaper changes and feedings, I have to try extra hard to remind myself that sleepless nights will pass. Soon, I will be a morning person again and wake up with a tremendous amount of energy to tackle the day's chores. I have to try extra hard to remind myself that one day I will miss waking up to my son's giggles; to see him waiting impatiently for me to pick him up and cover him with kisses....more

A Well Prepared Meal

When I was a little girl in Turkey, I used to help my grandmother make tarhana. It's the traditional Turkish soup mixture, which can literally take most of the summer months to make before it's placed in mason jars and then cooked during the colder months of autumn and winter. Like my family, most Turkish families make their tarhana during the hot months of summer when the plants and vegetables are plenty and cheap....more

A Dark Moment In Time- Postpartum Depression

It was early October, about a month and a half after I gave birth. Before I went to sleep, I had set my alarm clock for a 4:00 am gym session. Waking up before most people, getting done at the gym, brewing a pot of coffee, and planning my day out is something I’ve always enjoyed. Since my gynecologist had given me permission to start going back to the gym, I was excited get back to spinning and lifting. Although I had only been back at the gym for less than a week, it felt good to be active again....more