Growing Faster Everyday

It seems the kids are growing faster than I can keep up. In the last few months Wyatt turned 4, which we celebrated over Easter weekend with family back east: Naomi met her GG and Great Aunt and Uncle for the first time: She started really walking when we got back from that trip right around the 17 month mark and she had two awesome cheerleaders: We celebrated 18 months with her in our lives: The boys finished up Preschool and Kindergarten!...more

Six And On Top Of The World

Along with the simplicity of three, comes a pace of life that rarely allows for “spare” time. Of course after posting about the simple calm of our life with three kids, I haven’t had a moment to post again for nearly 3 full months....more

The Simplicity of Three

“Wow, you really have your hands full!” is a comment with which I’m all too familiar. Chances are, even if you have one young child, you’ve heard this a time or two....more

Reclaiming Something Lost

Oh, the journey this blog has documented. To think I started blogging almost 6 years ago (and to reflect on the person I was) is almost surreal....more

Naomi Year One: ONE Year Cake Smash Celebration!

Today is a day I’ll spend like an emotionally unstable wreck....more

Naomi Year One: 5/6th of a Year Old

My baby’s first year didn’t go by fast at all… said no mom ever. Honestly. Some days I feel like I’m on a bullet train to my kids teen years and, wow, that scares me....more

Naomi Year One: 3/4 Of A Year Old

Babies grow up....more


Children are fresh and new and wonderful....more

Naomi Year One: Half A Year Old

This little angel turned six months old about two weeks ago. Mother’s Day to be exact. We did a little photoshoot that day and I couldn’t bring myself to share her photos until now....more

Naomi Year One: 5 Months Old

I can’t even....more