Zucchini cakes

I have a ton of zucchini from the garden I need to do something with.  I've canned, saute'd, scooped, grilled. roasted and fried zucchini.  I think the zucchini paired with the parmesan is a good match.  These are similar to my sweet potato-zucchiini cakes.  ...more

Sweet potato/zucchini cakes

Well, today was the first day back to school!  Since I didn't have time to eat lunch today, I just want to eat a cow everything in sight!  You would think working in a kitchen of a middle school I'd have plenty of opportunity and time to eat.  Nope.  Especially on the first day.  So, I've  decided to fix sweet potato-zucchini cakes for dinner.   First things first though....a little wine, cheese & crackers.  The Multi Grain water crackers at Trader Joes are a-w-e-s-o-m-e!  I love me some Trader Joes!  Also, while we are on the subject of school and lunch, did you all know the National School Lunch Program has changed again?  Your child can have 2 veggies (hot or cold), but only 1 fruit.  That's in addition to an entree', and a milk.  Now don't get me wrong, they really can get two fruits if they want to, but they will have to pay for that extra fruit.  They (Congress, USDA, Ohio Dept of Education, in that order) are really honing in on sugar, fat,  and working on limiting sodium.  I personally think it's great, especially since I eat healthy and am a vegetarian.  Sooooo, having said that,  I think I'm wound down enough to start dinner....more

Meam's pumpkin bread

This is from my grandmother, Meam.SERVINGS: 1 loafPreheat oven to 325....more

Anna's peppers

This is from a good friend of mine, Anna, who is from Italy.  These are yummy!...more

Broccoli Salad

This recipe is my best friend's recipe.  It serves 4-6.  ...more


Since it is tomato season I thought I'd share one of my favorite recipes....more

Onion dip

This recipe is so crazy easy.  ...more

A "soft scrub"

Since I've been spring cleaning for two days (yes, in AUG!), I had an ah-ha moment today.  I was trying to clean my black stove top today and decided to make my own soft scrub.  I know Borax is great for cleaning.  I know Washing Soda is great for cleaning.  I know Dawn is great for cleaning.  AH-HA!  ...more

"Smiths" Irish Cream

My dad's last name was Smith.  He came up with this recipe for his version of "Baileys Irish Cream".  We like to call it Smiths Irish Cream.  ...more

Aunt Dodie's Beans

I love going through all the old hand-me-down recipes from generations before me.  Here's one from my Aunt Dodie who lives in Ravenna, Ohio....more