Free Mother's Day Printable Cards: 2012

Here are five links to well-done free Mother's Day printable cards. Have something to add? Link it in the comments section. Nancy G and

Trends in Bras and Great Fitting Tips

 Interesting factoid: The average bra size in the U.S. is 36DD.Over the past few months I've come across some excellent articles about bras and trends in bras. It's time to share!...more

Saving Money on the Dr Oz 48-Hour Cleanse Diet

Have you seen the publicity Dr. Oz's 48-Hour Cleanse Diet has generated? Not only was it featured on Dr. Oz's website last October, it's one of the cover stories in the March issue of Oprah Magazine. Even news aggregator, The Huffington Post, wrote about it....more

Trying Dr. Oz's 48-Hour Weekend Cleanse

One of the headlines on the cover of the February issue of Oprah reads, “Dr. Oz’s Two-Day Wonder Cleanse: 6 Meals, 8 Snacks and a Happier Healthier You.” I was intrigued and decided to try it....more

Putting My Shellac Pedicure To The Test: 11 Days At The Beach

A pedicure is one of those splurges I give myself a couple times a year, usually in summer but also each January for our annual getaway to Mexico....more

Free Holiday Printable Gift Labels

I love free printable gift labels! Here are a few of my favorite holiday finds:...more

Holiday Gifts: Things People Need Done

At a time of year when everyone is focused on "things," it's important to remember that often the gift of your time and skills or simply arranging to take care of something that needs to be done, makes the the best Christmas present. These aren't sexy or glamorous but we're sure the recipient will appreciate them.Help clean something out. Through our organizing business, Simple Moves, we've found two of the hardest places for people to tackle are closets and garages. We have a 4-step strategy:...more

Just the Right Gift Baskets

Every Christmas I create a gift basket for my family gift exchange full of my favorite just-the-right-thing finds. The goal is to keep the cost around $50.00. This year I thought it would be fun to share some of the contents of my baskets....more

10 Gifts for Looking Good

Who wouldn't want a gift that keeps them looking good? From a proven skin resurfacing treatment that won't break the bank, to a product that REALLY removes dead skin from your feet, to our favorite style consultant, learn more here. This is part 4 of Just the Right Things 12 Posts of Christmas Gift Idea Series. ...more

Ideas for Stocking Stuffers and Small Gifts

Ever had one of those awkward moments during the holidays when someone gives you a present but they weren’t on your list so you have nothing for them? Yup, we have too.That’s why this year we are combining our stocking stuffer ideas with a new category we’re calling “small gifts." Most stocking stuffers actually are small gifts anyway....more
Love these and I've used several of them in the past. :)more