The Day I Heard That President Kennedy Was Shot

It was a nice November day, and the playground at my elementary school was filled with the sounds of rambunctious children set free.  My friend Susie came over to me.  I was swinging.“The President got shot,” she said.“No, he didn’t,” I answered, very sure of myself.  “That can’t happen.”...more
Hard to believe it was 50 years today... I was 11 and working in the office at school (sitting ...more

Hallelujah Moments

Life has its ups and downs -- its painful moments, its exhilarating ones.  Some drop you to despair, while others leave you breathless in a grand way.Drop out of the race and you’ll despair, but finish the marathon and you’ll be shouting “Hallelujah!”The death of a loved one yields horrible grief, but death when one is a believer in Christ and His work on the cross is cause for serious rejoicing....more

I Miss You, Mom

It’s hard to lose your mom.  I have avoided writing about it because it hurts too much.  I am a tumble of mixed emotions -- buoyant memories, sad regrets.  I’m trying to cope while working my job and feeling totally disconnected from it.  I daily consider quitting or finding a new job or just retiring completely and giving myself over to the pit of grief that is in me, that IS me right now....more
This was such a beautiful tribute to your mom.  I'm so sorry for your loss, but share your ...more

Memories with Mom - Around the Table

My sister called this week to say that Mom is failing quickly.  The news caused many family scenes to play through my mind:  a picnic at the lake, where honeybees tried to sample much of our food, making homemade ice cream out by the cistern on the farm, sitting around the kitchen table on a 100 degree day with glasses of fresh lemonade.  It’s funny how family memories so often revolve around food.  Mom was a farm girl, and was more likely to serve a bowl of fresh, unadorned cantalope than a fancy dessert.  The meat was from some of our own livestock, we pr...more
@LiJacobs5  Thanks, Lisa.  I appreciate your comments.  I do have so many wonderful memories.  ...more

God's Provision - with a smile :)

I love music.  It resonates deep within me, makes me sing from the inside of my being and puts a smile on my face even if I'm just hearing it in my head.  Music has always spoken to me in ways that mere words cannot.  Recite a beautiful poem?  Not the same as singing it.  Words come alive when set to music....more