Blogging the daily life from Nata Village, Botswana

A friend pointed me to the Nata village blog, a collaborative unfolding story of HIV/AIDS work in Nata, Botswana. Two of the bloggers are women, Peace Corps volunteer Melody Jenkins and Martha Ramaditse from Nata village. ...more

Will do! Good idea.

Thanks, Jules

Nancy White

Things that get squelched and forgotten

Hopping around blogs in development, I'm reminded of why blogs are important. They are saying things that need to be said. Some of the news is bad, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't know about it. Do you hear these things in your local news? ...more

Tips from NPO Blogs for Supporting Change

I was reading blogs this morning to get ready to make a post here on Blogher. I usually look at only one blog, but it is a beautiful Sunday morning and I felt like mixing it up a bit. So I'm shareing some blogs that show how individuals work to support a cause or make a difference. ...more

Trish Snyder staying on top of ACS news

The American Cancer Society has to love bloggers like Trish Snyder, who through her independent voluntary blog, Blogging for a Cause helps spread the word of their work. Note to all NPOs worried about controlling their message. DON'T. Just find volunteers like Trish! ...more

Share Your Story Nominated for a Webby

OK, this is not a blog post, it is a brag post. I'll confess, I'm jumping for joy and pride to know that the March of Dimes Share Your Story community is a finalist for a Webby in the Community category. ...more

Revolutions, technology and communications values

Blogher Leda Dederich (aka, ScoutSeven) had some great posts that I just got around to reading last night. Leda asks tough questions and reflects thoughtfully, and often poetically, on the intersection of non profits and technology. ...more

From the mouths of librarians - resource for NPO sponsorship work

Free Range Librarian points us to what looks like a terrific resource for non profits who are seeking sponsorships, Patricia Martin's book about sponsorships, Made Possible By. K.G. Schneider (Ms. Free Range, who I have seen in action - one SMART woman!) writes: This book about developing sponsorships for nonprofits bills itself as "part tool-kit, part propaganda," and it succeeds beautifully on both counts. I usually approach management and finance how-to books with my loin girded against mind-numbing language or pointless advice, yet "Made Possible By"... ...more

New Journal for Development: Innovations

Many of us blog about NGO/NPO issues. But for me, there is also a hunger to not only act, but to think about HOW we act in our service to the world. Here's something for that. The first issue of a new journal, Innovations is out and available FREE! An individual electronic subscription will be $45 USD, but the first issue looks promising. Have spent time in the international development field, there is clearly the need for innovative thinking for ways to move to new models. I hate to use the highly abused word - sustainability - but that is the issue. What are the alternatives to crisis-based external cash or product infusions? ...more

eClips: Straying a bit outside of blogs

eClips came into sight via Lucy Hoobermans Mentoring Blog. I was drawn to it for a couple of reasons. First, the explanation. ...more

What are your favorite blogging resources for non profits?

Today I'm coming to you for help instead of posting resources. Blogher Beth Kanter and I are on a panel on Friday at the NTEN conference (non profit technology) here in Seattle. We are talking about blogging fr non profits. We have created a blog to share resources. I'd like to know, what are your favorite blogging resources? They can be specific to non profits or more general. If you had to pick one tip sheet on blogging, which would it be? Share your URLS! ...more

Here are a couple of statistic oriented tools. I really like to know who's visiting my site, ...more