Are You Losing Blog Comments Because of Social Sign-in?

It happened again. Earlier this week, I visited someone’s blog for the first time. I read a post - it was great - and I was eager to join the discussion by leaving a comment. I scrolled to the comment section, and what did I find? A comment box that only allowed people with a Facebook account to sign in. I quit Facebook a long time ago, so I couldn’t leave my comment. Bummer. I get bummed out every time this happens, in fact. ...more

Swiffer Commercial Befuddles Me

I saw a Swiffer duster commercial recently. I have no opinion about the product itself, as I've never tried it, but I do want to talk about the commercial specifically.A little more than halfway through the ad, there's a split-screen reenactment. It only lasts a few seconds.On the right there's a Swiffer duster and a dusty ceiling fan blade.On the left there's a feather duster and a much dustier ceiling fan blade....more

Shut Up About Radiohead, Avril Lavigne

My husband and I got back from a road trip a few days ago.We listened to a lot of music along the way. A lot of very forgettable music.But one song stood out. Not because it was good. It was pretty bad, actually. It just happened to feature a particularly incongruous namecheck that kinda bothered me.The song was "Here's to Never Growing Up" by Avril Lavigne. The lyrics were about wanting to drink and dance and party and be immature. Typical pop-song stuff....more
I thought about it as well as I first heard the song and I imagined she would get reactions like ...more

Hi everyone!

Not a very substantial first post, I know. Sorry about that. But I had to get the ball rolling somehow. Next post will be better, I promise. :)...more