surviving Sylvia

Sylvia had a bad week, last week. She took a tumble down the stairs and got banged up, but refused to go get checked out at the hospital. She then found her meds and took 3 days worth on Wednesday night, when it was discovered what she had done. Called in two counselors from the mental health facility to talk to her, took her to the ER to be evaluated, and neither felt that she needed to be admitted into the hospital. Saturday night she waited for me to go to bed, tied a plastic trash bag over her and went to sleep. FOREVER....more

Surviving Sylvia

This is my life with my 82 year old mother. My daughter, and others, have been telling me for quite a long time to "start writing it down". OK, so now I'm trying to take their collective advice. Firstly, to get through the everyday ups and downs, and to have a written journal to share with Mom's various therapists and doctors, and to keep family and friends up to date on what's going on. And by the way, I'm not a creative person, and I couldn't make up this shit if my life depended on it....more