Art Masterpeice

I received a surprise gift in the mail last week. Art work. You know the kind that little kiddos bring home from school and are proudly hung on the refrigerator with magnetized plastic letters ....more

Clubfoot Relapse Treatment - The final chapter (hopefully)

A year ago at this time, Jude was in a wheel chair, and re-learning how to walk. His muscles had atrophied quite a bit in those months and learning how to walk again, regaining his strength and building muscles up was going to take longer than we thought. And by the way, he missed the spring baseball season, and he was pretty broken up about it....more

Family Faves (Grammy's apple pie)

I remember this time one time that I was in college visiting home. I hadn't been moved away from home very long, and I remember being especially homesick on this visit. I was homesick a lot when I first moved out of my home to college ....more

Clubfoot Relapse Treatment - Part 7

Not that you were wondering, ...more

3+1=A whole new adventure!

I needed a picture of the 3 little ones for something special. I mean I had a photo of the 3 youngest children, but it was kinda dated. And I had this one, but.. ....more

Crazy 10?

Oh yeah, baby!Let's just cut to the chase... this family is moving on it's it's journey of growth and change, and we are officially going to become the Crazy 10! See that ginormous pile of papers? ...more

Halloween, or in other words...

...Little Red Riding Hood flanked by her two bodyguard ninjas!...more

4 days later we finally made it to Granna's house!

So... yeah... I've been horribly neglectful with the blog lately ....more

The last of summer in Paradise

Every summer ends with our annual picnic to our favorite place near Little Cabin in the Woods. Paradise Creek on the Apache indian reservation. It literally is our paradise....more

The Man Child rocks it like a super model

When I took the pics he said,...more