Another complainy mess of a post. Is it just me?

I've started and stopped and started and stopped this post way too many times. ...more

Wildflowers in November-Part II

In the middle of the Christmas preparations (I still have a small handful of gifts to purchase, and countless other things to cross off my to-do list) I escape to editing to center myself. ...more

Coming home

It feels good.This weekend we took the younger kids "home." ...more

Photogallery {Wildflowers in November}

There was a little stretch where the dessert got a lot of rain, more than ususal. ...more

365 Project (November)

I will say that I'm still plugging along with the 365 challenge, but only on day #184 today and boy I've seem to come again my personal wall and am I struggling to take a pic every single day. ...more

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Photographers

I gave you a photography wish list last year, and it was nice and all for the beginning photographer. ...more

Do we sugarcoat adoptions on the internet?

Over on the Q&A Johanna asked, Is adoption usually sugar-coated on blogs? It's a simple and straight forward question. ...more

A little birthday present for Sunny

Sunny was born on Thanksgiving Day. Before hospital guidelines ...more

The world's best fast & easy Thanksgiving cranberriesksgiving

If you haven't made your cranberries for Thanksgiving or were planning on opening a can instead of cooking, let me recommend this recipe. ...more

Stealthy ninja mobile phone stealers

Surely this happens to all the other mama's out there, right?Me and technology don't get along. ...more