She only had eyes for her Daddy

Before I jump into the daily photo minutia of our crazy family...Today is the LAST day to get $50 off 2 of my upcoming photography classes!Prices go back up tomorrow morning.Manual 'n More starts in January, and Composition 101 starts in March....more

SALE on Photography Classes!

I'm going to spending some extra time baking pies, ya, that's happening today as well as peeling 20 lbs of potatoes, and just being with my family for the holiday. And I hope you are too!So I'm starting the sale early! $50 off both the Manual 'n More class that starts in January and the Composition 101 class that starts March ....more

Why my back hurts and my kid is going commando

I last left you with Clubfoot Relapse Part 4 where Jude had surgery to move and release some of the tendons in his feet. He was again casted in his 4th set of casts, this time "split" plaster casts wrapped in ace bandages for 4 more weeks. A comfy position for reading a book?...more

Ordinary Miracle's Star Student {Dana Ball of Dana Ball Photography}

Are you ready for the first Star Student? I am so excited to show off some crazy amazing talent with y'all!Dana contacted me several years ago.She had a camera.She had 4 gorgeous children.She knew...more

Star Students (Gotta show 'em off!)

I get to do something everyday that nobody gets to see but me. And that makes me sad. Because I gotta tell you, it's awesome! ...more

Photo Gallery (Tess)

This capture was an unexpected quieter moment for our beautiful Tess....more

Out of the fire and into the flame

other wise known as another complainy mess of a post.We had only been back from Jude's St. Louis surgery for about a 2 weeks, enough time to work the kinks out. You know like sleeping and eating and toileting issues.. ....more

Photo Gallery (5 going on 17)

As I was working she grabbed my reading glasses off the desk and put them on. I couldn't help snapping a pic to remember the crazy ridiculous cuteness of that moment right then and right there....more

Our big Boo

I know the little ones are disproportionately represented here. In my own defense, the littles are easier to capture with my camera, and they still agree to an M'nM bribe for a photo.So I wanted to take a moment to share with you about one of the bigs. The one smack dab in the middle of the 7 kiddos ....more

The best little pirate in the whole wide world!

These might be some of my favorite Halloween picture ever!And they make me think... really? How did...more