Mimi's change

Truth be told, this little one is having a tough time too. It's nothing that can't be over come, and is taking some extra time and attention that we are gladly giving her. I had envisioned her and sweet thing being together to play and play and play ....more

+1 (update 2 weeks in)

"You know, I'm not excited. It's simply where we're suppose to be and what we're suppose to do. If anything, when I think about it, I'm scared to do this thing that I know will be difficult at best at many turns." I wrote that last month ....more

Lightroom Class coming soon - Registration now OPEN!

***Registration is OPEN, and class starts October 26, 2015*** Click...more


Forgive my absence. As expected, (but maybe not because can anyone really prepare for this type of thing?) we got a placement of our sweet thing quickly. Our licence was approved in the morning and my phone started to ring that afternoon.So she's here ....more

Jude turns 8!

Now is the time that we find ourselves in the middle of birthday season! Oh how I wish that birthday season wasn't smack dab in the middle of back-to-school season. But it is, and so we do both simultaneously all the while thinking that Christmas is right around the corner and the mama be careful not to skip it forget it entirely ....more

International Home study/Dossier vs US Foster Home study/Licensing

Jinkies!I just got an email saying our foster licence was submitted!You know those moments in life that take you back to reality?That just happened.This is for realsies now.***Exhale***6 home studies later... Yep, you read that correctly. We've now completed...more

Who was the most excited to see the first day of school arrive?

I keep giggling at this picture every time I see it. This was their I'm serious about school look. Tess cracks me up ....more

Photo gallery (Tess in daisies)

If you're following me on Instagram, you've already seen this one, and I'm sorry for the repeat. Did I ever tell you that my plan is to print all the "Photo gallery" pics in our very own coffee table book? Well that's the plan at least ....more

Photo Gallery (Tess in Daisies)

Our summer at Little Cabin in the Woods has come to an end. School starts next week, and we had to go.I'm sad.Back to doctor appointments, carpool lanes, the telephone ringing, helicopters in the sky, chrome laden SUVs, unwanted solicitations and reality.But I'm fondly remembering a quiet spread of daisies with a the most amazing child in the middle ....more

Family Faves (Breakfast Popsicles)

I tell my photography students that backgrounds are important. Like really important. And photographers really need to get into the habit of looking back there before you click the shutter.Case in point...a bottle of wine in the background of the homemade popsicles ....more