She done good!

I'm gonna toot my girl's horn today. ...more

Part III in which there was finally snow!

Part I and Part II of our holiday, and finally part III in which we FINALLY got snow! ...more

Blue Lily, Power Pose and a weekend of awesomeness!

I spent the weekend with Blue Lily. ...more

Were we surpirsed?

Well, yes and no. ...more

Part II in which I may or may not have dropped the baby

Now let me just start with this...PLEASE for the love of all things precious, IGNORE the double chin. ...more

LIghtroom class starting soon! Care to join us?

This class starts IN 1 WEEK, on January 12th, 2015. There are a few spots left! ...more

Part IWe in which there wasn't much snow

We've given up trying to capture all of us in a single frame. But if you're in arm's reach when the pic is taken, then you get to be in it! ...more

Christmas Morning Recap

Before I get started, I...more

Dear Santa Clause,

Each year the children to write Dear Santa letters. ...more

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Love the Crazy 9's! ...more