Maybe an explanation is in order

So did you see the post on Instagram?Needless to say, it prompted a few questions, so I guess I should explain.On Easter Sunday, we had a good friend of ours, who also happens to be the director of a local adoption agency, approach us about taking in a little one that needed a home. She knew that we've adopted in the past and maybe even knew that we even pursued our foster licencing a while back, and really she just needed a home for this sweet thing. Even though it was Easter Sunday, I put all the feelers out I could trying to help ....more

Vanilla does Chinese (at least we're trying)

One of the things Sunny is always very intentional about when she visits is spending time with each of her brothers and sisters. So last week she and Mimi made dumplings. We had never made dumplings before but I had always wanted to try 'cause everyone loves them and they are currently Tess's favorite food in the whole wide world ....more

Photo Gallery (Sunset Dance)

Coincidentally (or maybe not) many of my favorite photos capture Mimi dancing. Here she dances with Jude in front of what I can only describe as a hurry-up-and-grab-my-camera-before-this-sunset-changes moment. PS - Registration for the next Manual 'n More class is in full swing! ...more

Registration OPEN NOW for Manual 'n More class

Our little ones stay little for a very short period of time, and I know first hand that one day you wake up and they...more

It still hurts (but in a good way)

This parenting thing often blows me out of the water. ...more

All she wanted was to feed ducks and chocolate strawberry cupcakes

We don't do a lot of kid's parties in the Crazy house. We do do it's-your-birthday-and-we want-you to-feel-especially-treasured-on-this-day though. And ya, I just said do-do in a post!This year for Mimi's birthday, what she wanted was 2 things: to feed ducks and cupcakes with chocolate and strawberries ....more

Together Called 2015 and will we or won't we

And if the Liberty Bell isn't enough, that's Independence Hall in the background! You know, the actual place the Declaration of Independence was debated and adopted. Being a tourist was so fun! ...more

Cover Girl!

Did you see?Did you see that our Tess is a cover girl for the most recent issue of Adoptive Families magazine? This pic was taken a couple years ago at Little Cabin in the Woods. Before she cut her own bangs for the 5th time ....more

Brooke's Red Cake Recipe

Please say howdee to my good friend, Brooke!I met Brook a couple years ago at a photography workshop. ...more

When is it ok to leave the kids?

Way back when, before the invention of the wheel, circa we-just-started-having-kids, Papa and I got the memo that it's good to have "couple time" for just a husband and wife. ...more