Dear Santa Clause,

Each year the children to write Dear Santa letters. ...more

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Love the Crazy 9's! ...more

Adoptive Families Magazine - They danced!

Are you familiar with Adoptive Families Magazine? If you've adopted a child in the last several years you probably have. ...more

Registration for Lightroom Class NOW OPEN!

We're gonna do it again! Combining photography with a busy family can often leave me short on time. ...more

Did I tell you the one about the Dentist in December?

You know when Papa and I committed to this season of crazy, we knew what this year held in store for us. ...more

Another complainy mess of a post. Is it just me?

I've started and stopped and started and stopped this post way too many times. ...more

Wildflowers in November-Part II

In the middle of the Christmas preparations (I still have a small handful of gifts to purchase, and countless other things to cross off my to-do list) I escape to editing to center myself. ...more

Coming home

It feels good.This weekend we took the younger kids "home." ...more

Photogallery {Wildflowers in November}

There was a little stretch where the dessert got a lot of rain, more than ususal. ...more

365 Project (November)

I will say that I'm still plugging along with the 365 challenge, but only on day #184 today and boy I've seem to come again my personal wall and am I struggling to take a pic every single day. ...more