The last of summer in Paradise

Every summer ends with our annual picnic to our favorite place near Little Cabin in the Woods. Paradise Creek on the Apache indian reservation. It literally is our paradise....more

The Man Child rocks it like a super model

When I took the pics he said,...more

Me time

This was today. I know that I do much better in that little chair that is next to the patient's bed than actually being in the patient's bed.I had both knees scoped this morn to repair torn meniscuses. (Mesnesci?) Nothing huge ....more

I'm just over it! (or another embarrassing complainy mess of a post)

Sorry for my lack of contact.I've been busy tubing with the kids on the lazy river and drinking complementary Mai Tai's. I've gotten a couple pedicures and got out to eat every night. Someone has been making my bed everyday and emptying the trash when I'm not looking ....more

Much better than I asked for

You know when you all you want is a smiley pic of your kids all together?It should be so hard, right?Look at me and smile! Pretty easy, right?No it never is, because this is what I got from my 3 little crazies... Maybe they heard me wrong ....more

When life gives you black mold, make Mai Tais!

Registration for my Lightroom 101 class is still going on....more

REGISTRATION OPEN for Lightroom 101 class!

***Registration is OPEN NOW! Class starts on September 5, 2016*** Click...more

The non-plan

I know an update is in order.I know...more

Finding the light

I just happened to have my camera in hand in the early morn and caught Mimi checking out her reflection right as the light found her... when camera and light and subject all come together completely unprompted... I love it when that happens! ...more

Good news. Bad news.

Good news... The kiddos all started school, and there wasn't a single hitch in the giddy-up!Bad news... Bad mom of the year award goes to me for not taking a single photo during their first (or second or third) day of school ....more