Fired because I care too much

good morning,have been absent for so long hope i remeber how to blog....should have plenty of time   now ass monday i lost my job. major corporation set me up and fights all unemployment claims...   i'm 61 years old and do not have a degree so prospects are probably bleak...blessing the house is paid for....will post more laterLove Forever,Nanny...more

You know what todays teenagers are thinking? How long do we have before the adults notice we have left facebook for instagram...

As I spent time with my 15 and 7/8 (yes she is counting the days until her 16th) year old granddaughter last weekend, I discovered something. Teenagers are leaving Facebook for Instagram. Not because they like it better but because most adults don't use it. Now this granddaughter and I are very very close, I'd almost call her my soul-mate we get along so well. And she did set me up the Instagram app on my phone, but I was sworn to not posting ANY comments and not sharing with the other adults in the family that that's where they are....more

Stereo Daughters

One has her daddy's chin, sitting over her momma's mouth, And grandmas dimples on each of her cheeks   The other has green eyes like her daddy But the rest - Well that is every-bit the spittin image of her Nanny.   One pops out bed and gets it together- ...more

Grandkids are so much fun!

One Sunday morning as I walked around my house waking my granddaughters forchurch, the only one who seemed enthusiastic about going with me was fouryear old Ms....more
very sweet:-) thanku for bringing a smile to my face tonight.more

LOL How excited I was to see I have THREE followers

Today, I noticed something- I have three followers.  LOL wanted to share with you how excited and motivated it made me to think that someone else might be interested in what I write.  I've been kinda lazy and not posted this year, but I will post again, and silly as it may seem....thank you followers for motivating me!  Love Forever, Nanny P.S. I now follow you too! ...more

I bought myself Pearls by letting my baby wear wet diapers.....

Is it time mom, is it time? My big blue eyes light up everytime you come in view, you are so pretty in all your fancy things.  Oh mom can you feel that? my bottom it stings so bad? is it time mom? will you change me?...more
comments are welcome its a story about an observation I had....more


A Country Funeral takes all day…....more

Its Christmas??

Its Christmas Millions are Hungry             Its Christmas- still some paid $38,000.00 for a plate of food?   Its Christmas Millions are Cold     ...more

Oklahoma Papa

Oklahoma Papa   Papa started his home in Oklahoma A 50’s trac house his piece of heaven. 5 kids of his own and raising 6 others Working 2 jobs as if work didn’t matter   Playing the same game every night with his children Faces all clean and fresh in their Jammies   Pretend surprise to see us Like a clown, he’d step over Counting every head twice...more