New Nanny novel, interview with NY Times best selling Author : Hector Tobar

Thursday Interview: Author Hector Tobar discusses new Nanny novel 'Barbarian Nurseries'An exclusive interview by Nanny X (c) 2012  Hey Hector. Thanks for agreeing to this interview....more

Thursday Interview: Denise Schipani, author of ‘Mean Moms Rule’

This week Nanny X interviews Denise Schipani, author of ‘Mean Moms Rule’ a book that offers timely child rearing advice, such as: do the hard work now and get the good stuff later. She’s a married, working mom of two, living in the suburbs. A self-employed writer and editor with a background in women’s’ and parenting magazines. We found Schipani’s book title compelling, so we tracked her down to explain what she meant by mean moms! What made you write this book?Well, I'm a writer, so there's that!...more