I'm going for a long walk

It's almost two years since my husband and I took a van-load of students to Tanzania, to visit our friends Jonathan and Rose Kyando, who lead a small church in Mbeya, Tanzania.It broke our hearts.From the valley town of Mbeya, we took the long, bone-shaking drive up into the hills to the small village of Ndaga, close to the Zambian border, sadly reknown for the many orphans left behind after migrant parents die and leave no extended family to care for the children....more

So, I'm 50...so what!

Yup, I'm 50! 50 years, 1 month and 1 week old, to be exact! It happened suddenly. Thing is, I don't feel 50. I mean, of course I do, sometimes, feel weary, downright old even, after a heavy few days of pastoral issues, personal crises and housekeeping (oh, and admin...paperwork always made me feel really old!)...but it's not like I ever really felt like I was actually a 'middle-aged' woman....more