10 Ways to Deal with a Long Distance Relationship

I have had experience with 3 different LDRs. I often wonder if this is just the way I like a relationship since I seem to be in the them so frequently even though I always say I won’t do it again… and here I am in a 3,000 mile LDR. My first was with a military guy who lived 8 hours away. My second was with a West Coast guy who just lived an hour from me, and now I am in my third and last one with my best friend-turned-boyfriend who happens to live in our hometown on the East Coast. I met him 5 years ago and knew the first night I met him that there was something special about him....more

The Good Guy vs. the Good Sex Guy

As I grow into my mid-twenties, I am starting to come to terms with a few realizations about sex.One-- The man who you want to have sex with three times a day may not be the same man you can talk to, depend upon, and be comfortable with in doing the daily things in life. This is an unfortunate realization and has taken me some time to comes to terms with. That is not to say that you should cheat on the good guy with the good sex guy, it just means that sometimes one person may not encompass it all for you....more

No Woman Wants to be a Martha (from the Notebook)

If you are familiar with the movie, The Notebook, you are well aware of who I am talking about.  For those of you who have not seen the movie, I suggest you put the computer down and go watch it (bring popcorn and tissues).Martha is the sad, pathetic (not really her fault) girl who is in love and sleeps with Noah, the sexy, brooding fella who is miserable because the woman he really loves, Allie, is not available.  Noah does not really like Martha, but he uses her for sex to make himself feel less lonely without his true love, Allie....more

Please Explain the No Sex-b4-Marriage Thing

I am not judging, well maybe just a little bit. I did a small amount of research before I wrote this post and I see that one of the passages, Corinithians 7:2, expresses that having sex before marriage is immoral and we should abstain from immorality....more

I Am a Member of the Working Class

I am a member of the working classI can honestly say that being an at-home mom is by far the hardest job (if you have no help). I have been a college student, a grad student, a tutor, and most recently, a new business owner, and my time spent as a nanny is still some of my hardest hours of the day....more

Daddy Dearest Part IV

Daddy Dearest Part III

My mom was extra attentive to me that week asking me if I was okay and telling me that it was okay to talk about it, cry, scream, whatever I needed to do. I told her that I was fine and I just wanted the whole scene to be over. And, I truly believed that. I wasn't holding back tears and I didn't feel that upset. One day after school, my inevitable stress showed itself in a fit of me screaming and crying as I threw my school books across the living room floor....more

Daddy Dearest Part II

Part II...more

Daddy Dearest-- to my absentee father

I am among a select group of girls who had an absentee father growing up (he will be referred to as either the sperm donor or my biological father from here on out). Thankfully, I had an amazing mother and a fabulous "stepfather" who quickly became my dad both legally and emotionally, so I am not too tarnished as a result. I don't think I have "daddy issues" and I don't think I hesitate to be in committed relationships because my father left me when I was 6....more

Ladies! Get on the Blow Job Bandwagon!

I know, I know, sometimes you just don't feel like doing it. You don't feel like going down to a region that may or may not be shaved properly if at all, that may or may not smell like sweaty gym shorts, and get into a situation where you may be getting lock jaw and a bad neckache, for just anyone at anytime. I appreciate that and I agree with it. Sometimes you just don't feel like doing it and that is okay....more