Barnwood Joyful Holiday Sign

I really need to stop sharing projects online when I make gifts and haven’t delivered them to the recipients yet! Ha! It’s all good ....more

Gamer Girl Party and Free Printables {Nintendo 3DS XL}

We are new...more

Elf on the Shelf {Vacation Style}

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that our Elf on the Shelf is taking a little vacay. And by vacation, I mean that I am tired of coming up with creative things for him to do around the house! Seriously, when I pulled out our elf this year, the kids were not amused by the tricks he played ....more

Art & Photography Book Gift Guide

Whenever I need to buy a gift for a loved one and I just can’t think of what to get them, I always turn to an inspiring art or photography book that I know they will love. I purchased the new book Humans of New York for more than one family member, and I even picked up a copy for myself! If you are running out of time to buy gifts for loved ones, here’s my list of favorite art/photo books available on Amazon ....more

Tinsel Tree Tutorial

My mom has been making these adorable tinsel trees with the grandkids for years, and when I realized that they only cost about $3 to make I just had to share how! They are so easy, and when plugged in, they make perfect little bedroom Christmas trees. All you need to make one is tinsel in your favorite color, string lights, tape, and six wire hangers ....more

Holiday Tablet Giveaway!

It’s not the holidays without a fabulous giveaway, right?! I have been using my Key Ingredient Recipe Tablet in the kitchen, and I just love it so much I want to share with one of you! One lucky blog reader is going to win this...more

Holiday Tech Trends

My want list for tech toys this year is year is waaaaay too long! There are so many awesome finds that incorporate both great technology and design. What trendy tech toys are you dying for this year?? ...more

Geometric Tags

These geometric spirographs are kinda a big deal. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I did some serious bragging about how I made them. I recently took an online illustrator class, and these were one of the first things I learned how to make ....more

Tree Stamped Towel Tutorial

Happy weekend friends! Hope you are getting lots of Christmas shopping done. Eeek! ...more

Trendy Tags

Last year I gave all of my kids teachers a set of handmade cards for Christmas they could use throughout the...more