Dining Hutch Before and After

Hi ya, creative friends! Remember on Instagram when I shared Lily helping me paint that hutch we salvaged? I finally got around to take pictures of it and getting all of my cake plates moved in ....more

127 Corridior: World’s Longest Yardsale

Hello, creative friends! I just had to share some photos from my adventures a few weeks ago. I had the chance to go to the 127 Yardsale for work, and I had so much fun, I went back for a whole second...more

Fall Mantle

I usually wait until September 1st to put my fall decor up, but I just couldn’t wait another second! I painted a few small palette signs, and found tons of new fall decor at Michaels last week. They had all their fall floral sticks and decor on sale ....more

Back to School Emoji Magnet Printable

Well, hello creative friends! We are all about emoji’s these days, so I have a fun free printable for you! We made these for my kids lockers at school, and they were a big hit! ...more

Visit Kentucky {Horse Park}

Hi ya, friends! We have been doing some really fun sight seeing here in Kentucky, so...more

Party Pinwheels Favors

Hello, friends! Can you believe summer is over! Oh, it just makes my heart so happy to think about fall ....more

Minc Mixed Media School Tag Album

School is officially back in session! Woot Woot! My kids started the second week of August, and so far it’s been a great school year! ...more

Fall Fringe Letters

Hey there, crafty friends! Ya know how pinatas are all the rage right now?? Well, how about pinata marquee letters? ...more

Back to School Front Porch

Hello, creative friends! I am pretty sure that I am the only person in the world that decorates a front porch for back to school. Guys ....more

Color Wash Cards

Hello, lovely friends! Have your kids headed back to school yet? For most of you, it’s...more