Sale Alert: Up to 75% OFF @ Macy's Weekend Sale

Happy Saturday ladies! I'm excited to share this sale with you, because the prices are probably the best I've seen from Macy's in a while. If you're in need of home goods, clothing or even jewelry, there's a huge selection for you to indulge in ....more

Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Announcements

To be honest, I used to roll my eyes when my favorite bloggers decided to do these very same posts. Although I enjoyed seeing pretty photos of lace dresses and floral arrangements from time to time, I always wondered...more

Life Lately + oNecklace for the Holidays

Happy Holidays!! Writing a quick synopsis of my life over the last few weeks is a bit of a challenge, but I'll give it a go! My world has been turned inside out, for all good reasons! ...more

Weekend Wrap Up

// 1. // Cait's New Year's Eve party attire // 2. // Stepping up my scarf game this season// 3 ....more

Splurge vs. Steal: The Winter Boot

I tweeted about this Target find a few months ago, immediately after discovering it's 2015 Fall launch. I was thrilled because I missed the opportunity to purchase these beauties last year, as they sold out only a few weeks after appearing in stores. A Target employee told me that quantities delivered to that location was quite low and they didn't expect any more shipments ....more

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Shoe Lover

My favorite time of year is finally here! A few years ago, I started gifting shoes for the fashionable ladies in my life. The idea really came out of desperation, trying to find that perfect gift for the holidays year after year ....more

Style Guide: 9 Must-Have Scarves

So, I asked for cooler weather, and New York City didn't disappoint. The third week of October is chilly and 40 degrees and I'm seriously wearing my winter coat..burr! I didn't think it would happen this soon ....more

Weekend Wrap Up

// 1. // Oh, just reliving THE best day of my life... hint: #ISaidYES Details to come, once I come down from cloud 9 ;) // 2 ....more

Friday Finds: Falling Back into Fall

As much as I looked forward to the warmer weather this Summer, I can't say I'm disappointed that the crisp, cooler air of September has arrived in New York City. I've already started to push most of my Summer outfits to the back of the closet, while my long sleeve dresses and sweaters receive a little more love in the front. Booties, scarfs and light jackets are slowly being integrated within my work wear and I'm taking notes on necessities to get through this season ....more

Splurge vs. Steal: The Bucket Bag

The number one must-have item this Fall has got to be the bucket bag. To just think about the endless amount of items I can store and take with me all around town makes me smile. When you live in a city like New York, there's no time to make a pit stop to the apartment before you head out to happy hours and dinner dates ....more