Essential Oils and PMS - Sweet Smelling Relief

Today wraps up my weeks long work on helping you find natural cures to help with your pms.  I hope I have been able to share some useful information with you all. I know I have learnt alot myself through my research :) Today is all about Essential Oils, they have so many wonderful uses and relief for some of those PMS symptoms are just a small part of how they can help! Here are some of those Hormone Harmonizers, at the end I will include some blends to help you. ...more

Exercise and PMS and which foods to avoid

 We are on to day four of our PMS Series today and it is time to talk exercise. Do you exercise to help your PMS symptoms or do you think it makes it worse? What about when the river arrives, help or hurt? The latter is up to each person, personally my cramping is so bad that any heavy aerobic exercise during the first 1-2 days aggravates it.  I prefer yoga or something of the more gentle nature, or to just sit on the couch with my chocolate :) ...more

PMS Natural Relief - Vitamins and Minerals

Today I am talking Vitamins and Mineral that could help ease your PMS Symptoms. These are often more accessible then  herbs and can be better on the budget. Magnesium Magnesium has been know to help with weight gain, breast tenderness and abdominal bloating. It helps regulate blood sugar levels It helps reduce anxiety It can help with premenstrual migraines Magnesium can also be helpful inducing sleep. ...more

PMS Natural Relief - Herb Blends

I am excited this week, excited to bring you some natural ways to beat the PMS Blues. Some I have tried and other are tried and true by others. I don't know about you but in the past PMS had the ability to take 2 weeks out of every month from me and sometimes it still does. And if you think you know someone that could benefit from some PMS help or just want to help others, grab my badge on the side and share the love. With symptoms such as Breast Swelling and Tenderness Dizziness Headache Cramps Nausea and vomiting ...more

Why High Fructose Corn Syrup is on my Hit List!

Have you seen those wonderful adds toting High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) as a Natural Sweetener, one that is equal too sugar!  You know the ones that say it is a natural product that in moderation can be a healthy part of our diet. ...more

Monday Motivation - Rocky Mountain National Park

Last weekend we spent some time in Wild Basin, a quieter part of Rocky Mountain National Park.  I thought I would share some of those photos with you whilst sharing some of my favorite quotes.  A little inspiration for what is usually a hectic Monday ...more

Put that Diet Soda Down Now and Step Away!

Put that Diet Soda DOWN!! So you are trying to lose weight but you just don't think you can give up the soda, but you know you need to cut calories. Instead of going cold turkey you reach for that can of diet soda, you are thinking, no calories and I can still drink soda, BONUS! Eeeek drop it likes it hot!!! Do you know what is in that stuff, and if you do already know and are trying to ignore it you might want to think twice. Here is the number one grosie Josie in diet soda. Aspertame ...more

Savasana - Yoga for Beginners

 We have our second post from our resident yoga expert Marci today. . Hmmm very timely message for me!  ...more

The Art of Rest - I do not possess

So for those of you who follow me on facebook (and if you don't you can find me at natural fit and frugal), you know I have been suffering from body ailments of late. Sciatica and a pinched nerve being my most frustrating.  You would also know that I have recently taken up strength training and I am hoping these things do not coincide with one another. Because I actually like messing around with those weight thingies . ...more

Natural Sunscreen - Why Mineral is Better!

I have pale skin, it is my lot in life, it is my heritage, it is me! My husband and son are lucky enough to benefit from their Native American Heritage and have a lovely skin tone.  I on the other hand, freckle, age and burn! ...more