Fill your home with the fragrance of herbs by creating a simple centerpiece.  When I have tons of blooming oregano, I can't resist making an herbal wreath. My oregano goes crazy in the garden spreading everywhere - meaning there is plenty for crafting and culinary needs.   This 12 inch wreath takes less than ten minutes to design.  ...more

A Pocket Full of Posies

The long days of June, with hours of extra sunlight, make it easy to snatch a short evening walk.  Mountain breezes fill the air with the scent of hay. The Oxeye Daisy is starting to bloom and compete with the field grasses for a place in the sun.  Their cheery faces sway along the creek banks and meadows inviting us to take them along home....more

Air Drying Roses

A LASTING ROSEThis time of year roses abound in grocery stores and florist windows.  Their beauty is easy to prolong by simply drying them.  Once dried, roses have numerous uses beyond floral designing, such as healing tinctures and aromatherapy, not to mention the mere process of preserving them is an artful experience.  A delicate Rose Water for linens or fragrant Rose Beads for necklaces can be made from dried roses.  The options are endless with these fail-proof guidelines listed below....more


A Cortland apple tree has stood on this property for many decades.   It's age is hard to determine exactly but I'm told that it is over 60 years old.  Fruit trees surviving this long are considered a rarity.  The Cortland has been apart of our family for generations.  It has made shade for picnics on hot summer evenings when the kitchen was too stuffy from canning, it's been the guest of honor for countless "apple picking days" where grandchildren remember reaching for the loftiest prizes from a kind neighbor's tractor scoop, and its fruit has been the coveted secret to the best applesauce and pie filling Grandma has ever made; however, all great eras come to an end and the last few seasons have yielded very little fruit from this longtime friend. ...more


  The aroma of freshly baked bread greeted me as I stepped onto a neighbor's porch around a month ago.  The heavenly smell of cinnamon wafted from the kitchen, where pans of puffy dough filled every inch of counter space.  ...more


 Last winter my holly bushes had only a few berries and I didn't know why.  I thought it was due to extreme weather conditions, but I found later that it had nothing to do with winter snow or wind....more

Learn to Make the Perfect Bow

   HOW TO MAKE RED VELVET BOW  Make the perfect holiday bow for wreaths, sways, garlands, and other festive decorations. Get step-by-step instructions on Gathering & Wildcrafting Blog.   LEARN MORE SKILLS AT naturaldesignsstudio.com.Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,Sally...more

The Twelve Days of Christmas Projects!

   BOXWOOD FEATHER WHISK This design is easy to make and fun to give as a hostess gift.  Create it with materials found in you backyard and surround woodlands!...more

The Twelve Days of Christmas Projects!

  B O X W O O D    S P H E R E  Create this simple design from backyard materials.  It's the perfect Christmas decoration for indoor or outdoor decorating.  Best of all, you don't have to pay for materials with our gathering tips and advice!...more

Living More on Less

Walking down the road I heard the distant call of an auctioneer.  Following the voice, I took a gravel road through the woods and found a small group of people huddled under a tent staying dry from the rain.   A brick home, surrounded by furniture and  household goods, was being sold to the willing buyer who held up a card.  A lifetime of possessions passed before my eyes....more