cutting up with haiku... literally.

a poem a day for National Poetry Month... a collection of theme related haiku....more

Sponge Alise Squarepants

Happy New Year folks!  I am excited about this year because 2010 was one of my roughest years on record, so I am glad to move on to something new.  I don’t officially make resolutions, but most of my goals are pretty typical.  I will strive to make this a great year.  Anyway on to the post. ...more

Mac & Cheese Emergency

 Culinary disaster looms...  ...more

Do you remember me?

I just watched a quite interesting episode of 60 Minutes.  The story was about the rare phenomenon of people with hyperthymesia, often called “superior autobiographical memory”.  In a nutshell:...more

Thanks for the suggestion! I am a big reader and this will DEFINITELY go on my list of reads!more

nerds rock. part 2


DISCLAIMER: Do not comment that I need to go to AA. I just want to talk about the wonderfully wonderful wonderfullness of my favorite drinks. Why? Because I can. K. Thanks. Bye. *giggles* ...more

Random Fro Thoughts: I’m your queeeeeeeen to be…

Do you remember the Budweiser series of posters “Black Kings and Queens of Africa”? This was brought back to my memory from a tweet by @SistaToldja a few days ago. How about I had ALL 30 of the posters on my bedroom walls growing up. I know you are jealous that my childhood was so charmed and classy!  Don’t be mad your mama ain’t get you all edu-muh-cated by the alcohol corporations....more

proton packs... yup.


Guest Poet Mondays: Candace J

How do I make Mondays wonderful? By bringing awesome guest poets, of course! Today's guest is a huge talent and (in her words) "We 'stan' united for Badu". That lets you know the breadth of her fabulousness! Today's guest poet is the lovely Candace J, (@InHerNotebook on twitter). Show her some love! ...more