Top 12 Snacks for Super Hair -- where curls come to lifeHungry? Why not improve the health of your hair in the process? Below are some quick and healthy munchies that will give you great hair also! Bananas, good for more than comedy.  Almonds Walnuts Sunflower seeds Figs ...more

Top 10 Foods for Shiny Curls -- where curls come to lifeAdd these foods to your diet for shiny curls, coils, or kinks! 1. Ground flax seed or oil 2. Walnuts 3. Sunflower seeds 4. Olive oilGet the other 6 foods here:

Five Hair Healthy Habits for Sumptuous Summer Curls

Summer is the season when curls should look their best. If your hair is healthy, you can turn the humidity into your friend instead of a frizz-causing foe....more

New Hair Show in Town

All right, insane reality television fanatics, get ready to add a new show to your DVR list. Oxygen’s newest reality show, “Hair Battle Spectacular” is shedding light on a somewhat underground genre of hairstyling: fantasy hair design....more

Deep Conditioners Good Enough to Eat

Who would have thought that items that taste so good in your mouth would work so well to condition those curls? The key to these great recipes is remembering that they are for your curls and not your stomach (at least until you have finished the recipe)!...more

Top 10 Natural Ingredients for Your Hair

The more we embrace our natural texture, the more we learn natural and/or organic products work best. There are hundreds of ingredients found in nature that can be used in hair products. Healthy ingredients aren’t for textured hair alone! These ingredients work to make everybody’s hair healthier. Below is a list of 10 popular natural ingredients and what they provide for our hair. ...more