Pink and My Kids

While spending some quality time with my kids today (it's Labor Day), they asked me to show them Pink's "So What" video. (I know, I know—not the best message for kids, but they love the song and wanted to see it.)While watching the part at the end, my son (who is six) looked at Carey Hart and said "Mom, how come that man in the video has food coloring in his hair?" (NOTE: he has jet black hair with a blond streak in it)....more

Lessons from a 6-Year-Old

My son started Grade 1 this year, and he had very mixed emotions going into it. He was excited to be a "big boy," but he didn't want to leave behind playing in the pirate nook and dressing up as Spiderman during free play....more

How I Met Joe Jonas

While Shopping at Whole Foods Market a few weeks ago with my family, my husband spotted a teenager who looked vaguely familiar wearing shiny black shoes and skinny jeans. My husband said, "I think there's a famous person in the store because there were some teenage girls asking him for his autograph. I think it might be one of the Jonas Brothers—but I'm not sure."...more