High School: It's Her Turn

Emma, our eldest, is in high school. This year, the Class of 2018 are Freshmen. What happened? ...more

Afraid of the Quiet

I crave quiet. Always. I’m can easily drive without the radio on and I never have the t.v. blaring just for background noise ....more

Searching for Joy

I’m going away for a few days. My body and soul can’t take any more noise. I need quiet to balance my...more

The Bucket Without Ice ALS Challenge

You've seen the Ice Bucket ALS challenge. I know you have. On the off chance I'm wrong, read this ....more

Depression, Vision, and Being Spiritual Enough

Robin Williams committed suicide. He suffered from severe depression:...more

I Won't Judge Jennifer

 *Warning: This is not a normal, Andee, happy-clappy, feel good post....more

I Won't Judge Jennifer


Love Ain’t Always Pretty

If you’ve known me longer than five minutes, you are aware of my Disney Nerd status. The attraction began when I was young, but developed into obsession during adolescence. I was the 16 year old who watched Disney flicks on her own, no young kids around, for a simple reason: I wanted my prince to find me ....more

Because I Love To Talk

Blog posting has been extremely sporadic lately. I have my reasons:...more

So There’s This Musical And I’m In It

Shocking title, huh? Yeah. I still can’t believe I auditioned for musical theater ....more