Goodbye, Forever Part 4

Love. Does. Stuff??? ...more

Goodbye, Forever Part 3

It’s supposed to be another scorcher back home in Portland, but here in Brookpark, OH, the gloom and drizzle match my mood. Today is the last day I have with my Tante Lucy. Forever ....more

Goodbye, Forever Part 2

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of meeting my aunt’s hospice nurse. I told her I had envisioned my aunt to be close to unresponsive during my visit. Quite the contrary, she talks a mile a minute ....more

Goodbye, Forever. Part 1

Hanging out with Dad and Tante Lucy My aunt is dying. Cancer. Seems to be the number one taker of lives among my friends and family lately ....more

5 Reasons Home-schooling Made Me a Calmer Public School Parent

 Our kids have entered a new school year....more

5 Reasons Home-schooling Made Me a Calmer Public School Parent

Our kids have entered a new school year. For our family, the daily schedule looks a tad different....more

High School: It's Her Turn

Emma, our eldest, is in high school. This year, the Class of 2018 are Freshmen. What happened? ...more

Afraid of the Quiet

I crave quiet. Always. I’m can easily drive without the radio on and I never have the t.v. blaring just for background noise ....more

Searching for Joy

I’m going away for a few days. My body and soul can’t take any more noise. I need quiet to balance my...more

The Bucket Without Ice ALS Challenge

You've seen the Ice Bucket ALS challenge. I know you have. On the off chance I'm wrong, read this ....more