Avoiding the winter fashion slump

The temptation in winter might be to bury yourself in an over-sized sweatshirt for comfort and warmth, but I don’t think that’s wise. There’s a better way to stay warm and comfortable without sacrificing style and adding bulk.Try warm but comfortable fabrics to make sure you feel cozy at least. I recommend cashmere, it’s an investment piece and you can find it in different price tag. It’s warm, classic and if you pick natural colors you can match it with many different pieces....more

Why you should consider Menswear-inspired clothing

The answer is simple: you can create a sexy and unique look with menswear inspired pieces.  But the key is to pick and mix the right pieces in stylish way.History:This trend started with Coco Chanel’s designs in the 20s. She popularized pants, jersey jackets and cardigans for women. Her designs were stylish and comfortable and soon many women and designers follow this new style. And the trend keeps coming back ever since. How to wear it:...more

5 bold jewelries that make you stylish

You can easily make your outfit stylish and characteristic with a piece of bold jewelry.Before picking a piece you need to know what your style is. For example you like classic style, contemporary, bohemian, or maybe a touch of global.And you need to find out what you want your piece of jewelry says about your character. You might like to show your artistic taste, your appreciation for different cultures or simply show off your bold character!...more

The Minimalist Guide to Wearing Black & White Trend

B&W trend is back and it’s really hard to ignore it since you can see them in almost all outfit stores. It’s hardly a new concept though.It’s good news anyway because it’s timeless and easy to deal with also it looks good on everyone!It can be worn in several different ways and work for several types of wardrobes....more

One dress that every woman should have

Have you ever heard of Little Black dress? Because the “little black dress” is considered an essential piece to a complete wardrobe. Basically every woman should own a simple, elegant black dress that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. What Little Black Dress is:...more

How to wear American Classic style?

American Classic is the most timeless and certainly most trendproof of looks. That means the style has been around for a long time. People also think it’s like back the golden old times. Classic go beyond trends and are a triumph of art.Despite the decade, figure or fashion, classic styles are always a demonstration of truly refined taste.What are the features of Classic?...more

One Dress that Fits All Body Types!

Is there a type of dress that fits all body types and you can’t go wrong with it? Yes, there is! It’s a wrap dress! Designer Diane von Furstenberg first introduced the wrap dress in 1974 and it hasn’t gone out of style since. Not only is it very stylish and easy to wear, it can come in handy on many occasions. Why do wrap dresses fit all body types?...more

Would you consider flower patterns when you choose your outfit?

Flower patterns are not something new in the fashion world. But I might easy to everyone to use them in their outfits. The problem is the result of using it in a wrong way can be too girly or very unfashionable outfit set. If you like flower pattern but you simply don’t know how to put together an outfit set with them, these 3 guide lines might help. Choose the right prints...more